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Rider attitude

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by teezam, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys,
    I had been having a strange feeling for some time now had been riding alone since my rider friends left abck to their native over a year ago. Ever since started riding here, had the feeling of being the odd one out always. Dont know if its just my attitude or wht others throw at me. From workshops here to on the road everywhere.

    Knowing for a fact that avg road rides are aged in the 30's group, feel that there is a look down on others. Do u gys judge a person on the leathers and machine he/ she has or how well they ride. Havent seen anyone questiong How good u r as a rider. Cos may be in my definition a rider is not defined how fast u go on an empty strech. But somethin else...

    I accept and acknowledge every nod on road but once the helmets are on stand. See people waliking closer and giving absolute shit attitude. Whats with them. Well its a differ story when someone tries that on road, cos the reply is instantanious.

    On the other day up on Kinglake towards St. Andrews road, this guy on some tiger shark suit and a Agustas came up and a normal Hi went with severe cold shoulder brush, and landed up with a hot chase a while after he cornerd me when he knows me being on the corner extreme and while my pillion was rotating her handicam
  2. you get all types in riding ,
    so that nod , some dont some that speak some that wont .
    simple solution is if you nod and they dont = big deal, if you say hello and they dont = there loss .
    Come down to coffee night on a friday night .
    everyone takes the piss out of everyone , there no creed colour (except bike color of course :wink: :LOL: ) or any of that , you say hello , introduce your self and just start chatting away , with everyone and anyone .
    the thing we have in common is bikes , who gives a toss whether its scooters , postie , sports cruiser , at coffee night it doesnt matter , turn up on the train if you havent got your bike yet , they dont care , if you want some advise , look at differant types , talk crap , or just wind downafter work thats what it is there for .
    meet up with some of the faces , get out on some of the rides , there always going , you will link up with a few and you will find you know who to ride with (at your pace etc ) and who not too .
    dont let it get you down , jump in head first today at coffee (oh shit forgot to look at where you are from , hopefully melb) , if you need someone to escort you in , pop up a post , its that easy .
    after 1 or 2 coffee nights at southbank , you will just like a regular , so dont worry about all the down side to riding (lexcept for staying alive) and enjoy the up side , riding , coffee nights , having a laugh and meeting new people .
    just bring yourself and a sense of humour and it will all fall into place (also the eye candy great there too).
  3. Yep, what groberts said
  4. could be a victoria thing :|
    i don't know what it's like down here but i recon up here in qld, most people nod. i always nod, i feel it's courteous. most of the time i get the nod back. not always though when i was on my dt :)
  5. teezam, there's also Monday night and Sunday morning (just started up) coffee groups, so if you can't make it to Friday come to one of those instead.
  6. I have to agree with kramer, i recon it is a little bit of different people on the road but also a location thing. Being from Brisbane temp in Melbourne, no offense guys but as a whole riders on the road in qld always seem keen for a chat at the lights or a quite nod. Maybe its im not in the right place here who knows. But as always there are exceptions everywhere you go. In the end who cares.

  7. I find that when I have my helmet on I'm more inclined to nod etc because I know that if the other rider doesn't reciprocate I don't feel too stupid coz' they haven't see my face. But when I'm with people I'm more reserved.

    Not something to loose sleep over :)
  8. each to their own,but if someone cant even reply with a hello,they're just rude bastards. :roll: I generally wont start a conversation at lights because it will nearly always be interupted,but i dont discriminate against other riders,in my book,if you ride a bike,you're a fellow motorcyclist and thats all there is to it.You always get the show ponies who have their head up their arse,same with cars,trucks etc. just human nature. 8)