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Rider and Seat Height

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by enforcer, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. Rider and Seat Height

    Although I have 'till 29th Sept 2006 to get off my restrictions I've been checking out what bikes I can upgrade to. I'm looking for a 600 or 1000cc sports bike for my upgrade.

    I'm 167cm tall (without shoes on) and I ride a '96 Across 250 with seat height 780mm which I can have both feet flat on the ground while sitting on the bike.

    I haven't had a proper sit down on all the different brands of sports bikes with bigger cc but this is the info I've been able to get off the net:

    '06 GSX-R600 825mm
    '06 GSX-R1000 810mm

    '05 NINJAZX-6R/ZX-6RR 820mm
    '05 NINJA ZX-10R 825mm

    CBR1000RR Fireblade 06 ?mm
    CBR600RR Fireblade 06 ?mm

    '06 YZFR1 835mm
    '06 YZFR6 830mm

    Now I've had a sit down on the '06 GSX-R1000 with seat height 810mm but it was on a stage in the front of Hoppers Crossing Suzuki so I wouldn't consider it a proper sit down to check the height and sitting position, but I did have to tip toe to get it upright and believe that I would need to lean it to one side to have one foot flat on the ground.

    What I would like to know is with other sports bike riders, what is your height (without shoes) and what year/type/height sports bike you ride.


  2. Seat height is one thing but you also need to check out the bikes to compare seat width. Some bikes can have lower seats that are wider which can still make it difficult to get your feet to the ground.
  3. im about 175 and ride a GSX-R 600 and am on tippie toes when upright and have to lean slighty to one side to have one foot flat.

    Height sometimes isnt the only thing.

    Some people have longer legs or bodies it all depends.
  4. Yes yes , its all about the width. My old trailie was about 880cm but narrow like a plank, yet when I ride a Hardly, its a struggle to touch the deck. I reckon most gixxers are too tall. The only one I could touch base on was the 85 GSXR 750. That had a very narrow seat. What a classic!!! I am short ( 5"3 ) but its not just height its LEG LENGTH. I have ducks disease. I have a 96 ZX6R and i'm ballet point. On my hubbys VTR 1000 I am one ballet point and the other legs swinging in the breeze. I can touch the ground better in jeans too.
  5. Better in jeans than what?.....
  6. heh heh. Jeans are thin, so they don't add to my already bulky butt like my tiger angels. I can really notice the difference in my deck touching ability when i wear leather. Having said that I wear leather most of the time anyway.
  7. i stand on the frount of my shoes... not on tippy toes ... more like the ball of the frount of foot
    i hope that makes sense lol
    and i ride a gsxr 600 k4... the only problem i have on this is trying to move the bike backwards on a hill
    everything else is fine..... oh and im about 172cm tall
  8. Yup. We found this out when shopping a coupla years ago for a sports bike that would suit both myself (5'10") and Cat (5'1"-ish).

    We originally looked at the CBR600F4i, but due to the way the seat is sculpted on the CBR954, it was a better fit for Cat than the 600.
  9. Well lm 5'4 and the R6 suits me just fine :wink: so l found out yesterday..lol
  10. I find it surprising that the GSX-R1000 is lower then the GSS-R600
  11. Mate 5.4 Honda blade 1000 no worries :eek:
    dude your feet dont need to touch the ground when riding :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Hakin :wink:
  12. I'm 177 and have just bought a GSXR 600, seat height is perfect for me as I can put both feet flat on the ground.

    At about 70kg I'm not a big guy though but don't feel any problems at all with this bike size.
  13. if a bike is vertical you can hold it upright by just applying pressure with one finger on the tank.

    the ride height is irrelavent provided you can touch the ground with at least one foot.

    buy a bike according to what you like or the way it rides, don't worry about the ride height.

    i'm only 5'6 and the ride height on my bike is over 825mm
  14. so what your saying. short people should ride hayabusa :x
    NO thanks mate :LOL: :LOL:

    Hakin :wink:
  15. i used the word TALL not SHORT, geez , SHORT people are touchy :p