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rider air bags???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by pringa8, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Sorry if this is a repost, but I was just on the Dainese site and saw the weirdest thing - an airbag jacket???

    Check the link out

  2. lol cool idea,

    wonder though if like the cars you have to replace it once it has been inflated?
  3. www.hit-air.com

    Hitair is also a very similar system but not as advanced. They came out with the technology over a year ago though. With Hitair, you have to just replace the pump as i recall.
  4. I had a look into these things when I was on a safety binge before I bought a bike.

    Most of these kind of jackets use a small carbon dioxide cylinder to inflate the bladder, which can be replaced for about $25 from fishing, camping, hardware stores. They're used for all sorts of things (like self-inflating life jackets) and come in standard sizes.
  5. It's reminding me of Back to the Future 2 where everyone has inflatable one size fits all puffer jackets!!
  6. I think bikes should have airbags attached so in the event of a crash the entire bike is swallowed up into a giant ball of cushion, so the bike just rolls to a stop. :LOL:
  7. Is this what you mean???

    Apparently it's on a Honda

  8. any idea on cost/ availability?
  9. just thinking, don't most air bag related injuries and deaths occur because of not being strapped in.....

    i like the jacket though, except for when i get to the shopping centre, get off the bike and .......shhhhhhhttt. Blown up like a puffer fish....lol
  10. lol it would be funny.
    But on a serious note you need 20kgs of force (from memory) to inflate the jacket. I also remember this been discussed before and NR's said the jacket was bulky and heavy. But yeah <insert discomfort for safety argument here :wink: >
  11. My air bag injury was caused by having my hand on the horn when it deployed. Not really very smart putting the airbag and the horn in the same place. Sprained my wrist (and left a scar) and threw my fist into my face, breaking my nose. Wasn't much fun.
  12. To state clearly from the word go, I have no idea whatsovever and have not seen any research on this subject.

    However I would guess, no. My understanding is that air bags were initially designed to save the lives of the yanks who felt that being forced to wear a seatbelt was taking away their right of freedom to choose. :) Then again, that could simply be rumour. Afterall, it makes little sence to develop products designed to counteract natural evolution. :LOL:
  13. I have seen one video of a motorcycle airbag being deployed (with crash dummy hitting a van side on and the airbag inflating), but thats all i can remember.. :?
  14. Skip the airbags. Go straight for the ejector seat and a 'chute. :p

    A few of those solid fuel, model rocket engines should do the trick.
  15. I know of a couple of rider hot airbags on here. One of them even responded to this thread. But then that isn't a surprise as he seems to respond to EVERY thread.
  16. You too lazy to check a website huh? :roll:

    Cost: They range from $600-900
    Availability: Web site says to contact them first to check on availability.

    HIT AIR Australia
    16 Moyran Parade Grays Point NSW 2232
    Ph: (02) 9540-1500 and 1300 HIT AIR [1300-448-247]
    Mobile : 0430 AIR BAG [0430-247-224]