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Rider accident in Ringwood

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by movin, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Just heard on the radio,rider killed in Ringwood,car driver rang in saying taken him 40mins to travel 30 metres.
    Godspeed [-o< and happy cloud riding.

  2. Re: Rider killed in Ringwood

    Too many of these lately.

    Condolances to the family
  3. Condolances to the friends and family. :(
  4. :cry: Shit, again condolences to all involved.
  5. More pain, irrespective of who was at fault, it's a sad world...
  6. I hate hearing this - it's bad enough anyway but I always worry that it's someone I know :cry:
  7. ohhh no, terrible news. condolances
  8. Re: Rider killed in Ringwood

    amen. so sad far too many of us are dying at the moment.
  9. Bloody awful - god speed.
  10. So wait, is the fact that traffic was moving slow somehow related to the death of the rider? How did it actually happen?
  11. Van:
    I'm guessing that because of the accident traffic is going slow. Hence a driver called the radio (traffic report) and some how it was already known what the cause of the traffic delay was and broadcast on the air.

    I hate hearing news like this. :S
  12. Oh! I get it now, sorry.

    Anyway, sad news indeed.
  13. I've been listening to 3AW all arvo and haven't heard any mention of this so hopefully the caller got it wrong.
  14. 3AW did mention a major accident in Ringwood on the corner of Maroondah hwy and New st this afternoon at about 3:30. It was probably that one.
    RIP :(
  15. Nothing mentioned in the news except for a hydrant stopping traffic in rigwood.
    My condolences to the hydrant.
  16. Oh yeah, I was locked up in a teleconference from 3-4 this arvo :cry:
  17. i havent heard anything either, just listened to ABC melb news and nothing on there
  18. The accident Flipper was referring to was the one where a car or truck hit a fire hydrant and cause chaos out that way.
    It was on the channel 10 news.
    So far haven't seen or read anything about a rider/driver being killed.
    (why is it always in Ringwood?)
  19. Because the traffic getting in and out of the East is so Bad, a lot of people ride do beat the congestion?