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RideMate: Swann Insurance tracking you via GPS

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by carver, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Ride Mate - Swann Insurance Tracking you via GPS

    just viewed an advertisement for this during the MotoGP Broadcast.

    i have used similar Apps for most of my sporting activities.

    however, does anyone else question the notion of willingly
    uploading your riding history to an insurance company?

    raises so many questions as to how the information might be exploited.

    no answers here;

    either deliberate or a glaring oversight.
  2. Still baffles me why people are willing to share huge amounts of personal information just because it's an "app" (or why you'd even bother having your phone on when you're riding).

    So yeah, great way for them to gather information about you - if you're dumb enough to use it.
  3. Thought about posting this too when I saw the ad. The only answer I am pretty sure about is plenty of people will use it. It's the age of social media, let's freely ditch things like privacy in the name of advertising everything we do online.
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  4. What idiot thinks they can't be tracked by their phone, regardless of app...
  5. with sarcasm

    I am an attention whore beotch - I want everyone to know what I am doing all the time this is why I have apps

    oh fark - they just cancelled my insurance because I did 68 in a 60 zone and lived
  6. So you can track me when I'm riding? Can Swann?
  7. They do say they will not use the information for any other purpose. If you could prove that they did then it would be grounds for legal action. You could never prove it though.

    Swann may however use your personal information to create marketing statistics, identify user preferences and demands and to assist Swann to meet user needs in general. In addition, Swann may use the personal information you provide, or a relevant component thereof, to improve this Website and the services provided therein but not for any other purpose.
  8. I don't believe it is too difficult to be tracked, your smart phones constantly pulling data. iiirc there was some up roar about iPhones in particular sending Anouilh info whereby people could be tracked easily.

    Can swann using the app? Probably, can they legally use it, no, not without your consent.

    I use another app, which tracks you but without road names, tracks speed and lean angles. This all gets mapped and put into a graph, can it be used against me? Maybe, do I give a shit, not really? I'm not that paranoid.
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  9. Those of us who don't own a smartphone, and don't have their phone on 24/7.

    Of course even if you do have a smartphone there are ways of ensuring you're not being tracked - assuming of course you don't own a spiPhone.
  10. Even a non "smart" phone is easily tracked unless you pull sim + Battery.
  11. I might use one of those sport mapping route apps for jogging / cycling, even a quick blatt, for personal purposes only. But I'd never use an insurance company's app for that.

    Anyway, on a decent ride, there's be zero chance of the phone still having charge by the end. All that data crunching on top of the tower pinging - the batt would be dead in 2 hrs tops on my iPhone... Unless you had an acc plug...

    Using a proper gps with route track turned on would be the go.
  12. Assume what ever you like Jd...You can be found. Don't think it's just Iphones.

    Yes, I have my phone on 24/7, why? Because we don't have a home phone and it's also used for business purposes. I think you'll find once the oldies drop off the purch, home phones will be just about done and dusted.
  13. All mobile phones transmit a "heartbeat" at regular intervals - you may have heard this as feedback through PC speakers (for eg) occasionally...
    The reason for it is ostensibly so that an incoming call can be routed directly to the phone's closest tower, rather than broadcasting it over the entire network to find you...
    And yes, it even happens if the phone is switched off, as long as the battery is inserted (the power required to transmit a heartbeat is less than that required to switch the phone on...).

    So yeah, you're already fucked if you're being looked for, or watched...

    But using an insurance company's app to upload GPS data? That's just silly, especially since I've been interviewed for an investigation recently and remember some of the questions they asked...
  14. You've been watching too many movies.

    My phone is an older model, which has a standby mode (good for up to 30 days) - but can also be switched off. No "heartbeat", no traceability, properly off (downside being it takes a minute or so to fire up and find a signal when you do turn it on).

    My phone is only on when I actually want to receive calls, or if I want to make them. Any other time people can leave a message or send a text. People with a Pavlovian response to their phone do amuse me, but I certainly don't want to be one of them.
  15. :? Why would a phone that's off, ping it's location to the local tower so that a call that it can't answer is directed to it??
  16. "Ostensibly" Rob, ;)

  17. So covering up or taking out your rego plate at the track is not good enough for SWANN insurance..............big brother is watching and making more and more money as we speak.
  18. it would only prove that you phone was at the track, not your bike. Maybe you were just running really fast around the track.
  19. TBH I didn't really think about the tracking aspect when I saw the ad. All I was thinking was "what idiot tells the world when he finds a nice, quiet road somewhere?":-s
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  20. So what's stopping non Swann insured people using the App?