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Rideaway price on new 2011 Gsx-r 600 or 750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by weekend, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Dealers in Brisbane are asking $15,690 for the new 600 and $16,990 for the new 750 ride away. Is it just me or is that really steep? I'm trying to sell my bike at the moment so I understand full well what the bike market is like at the moment. So what's the best deal you've been able to get ride away?

    I don't think dealers are going to sell many if they stick to those prices. Winter is coming, the market is dead, and you can get a new CBR600RR, Zx-6R, R6 for less than 15k. Heck even the Daytona 675 is cheaper. Also in the states they're going for $11k ride away for the 600 and $11.5k for the 750.

  2. Shop it around then go back to the dealer and show him the comparables and see if he is willing to negotiate (reduce price). If not buy one of the other bikes and take down the dealer who did not want to take $15,000 off you and proceed to rip up the back tyre for 120 seconds, smoke his shop out and take off.

    Just kidding - I am not encouraging or condoning hoon behaviour, but nice to day dream isn't it. After all it is a motorbike forum and we all have a bit of hoon in us don't we. :)
  3. I was shopping for a new 600 in February.
    I was quoted much the same prices.
    Then asked about the brand new 2010 model still sitting there.
    Ended up having a choice of black or white (took the white) and paid $11,990 ride away for a brand new GSXR 600 (2010).
    Have a look at what people are trying to sell for 2 year old bikes for.
    Haven't regretted it for second. I love it.