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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by not_sane, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. Just thought i might mention to all those others that are about to have lunch at work.

    I'm going for a ride up and around Mt Cootha. :twisted: :twisted:

    enjoy your lunch! :D

  2. What, are you taking on Dan's 'Envy Creation' position while he's off line??
    Well anyway it's blowing a gale in Sydney, so it's lousy riding weather anyway
    Enjoy, mate!
  3. Got my medicine Yesterday - Sassafrass, Yarra Glen, Toolangi, Heasville, Don Valley, Warburton, Reefton, Yellingbo & home :D :D :D

    Mind you - could overdose & go tomorrow too .... :p
  4. Yep that was a really nice run, tks be to you Black Betty and the others that came along. Even with the rain back from Warburton.
    :? :? :? :) :)
  5. That was Nothing compared to what the heavons dumped upon poor Booga later on - sorry for making you stay 'cos I was winning :p :D :p
  6. What's Don Road looking like right now? It may feature in my plans for the weekend.
    Also, any up to date info on the spurs after last nights blow?
  7. got back near an hour ago.

    have had work to do...

    was great to get out. lovely day, lil windy no big deal, women starting to get back into summer clothing. its got to be at least 25 degrees outside because i was very warm/water cooled by the time i got back. normal city traffic for lunch time (not bad at all) missed the first turn due to 2 nice young lady in car next to me waving. take next turn and correct myself. head up to the mountain. no cars. stop at the lookout for a smoke and a look. head off round the mountain. taking it very slow and easy due to crap on the road and not the best road surface. easing thru the corners. get to the bottom of the mountain. think twice before going round a car going slow, motorbike cop on the side of road. quick wave, keep on going.
    nearly back in the city, take the wrong turn someone "this road looks different" keep going. thats cause its a different st
    doesn't bother me. not a care in the world. just keep on going.

    mix another 2 streets up, but just keep heading towards where i need to go. had some young chick decide she's like to slam on her brakes and turn into my lane for no apparent reason. was looking ahead so just pull up nice and easy. change lanes with finger up in the air. doesn't bother me. cruise back to my building park my bike, come upstairs eating my cold lunch now.

    can't wait for the ride home.
  8. Don't know about the Spur - but if the roads are anything like up in the hills this morning - a mess!! :?