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Ride withdrawls

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by minglis, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Well, I'm in Sydney for work this week. I haven't ridden my bike for 4 days now, and I'm having serious withdrawals. I can't wait to get home so I can go for a ride. Saturday will be out for me (daughters 2nd b'day party) so, by Sunday, I think I'll just get on the bike and not get off it until bed time... or until work on Monday morning....

  2. lol :)
    I'm busy with full time uni exams/lectures and trying to find another house, haven't ridden except to and from uni (5 min ride) or to the shops for it seems like ever...
    Thats why on my first day off in forever (during which I should be catching up on my massive workload) I'm going to wake up at the crack of dawn and take off to the GOR :)

    link to post for anyone who wants to register interest (miss netriders):

    When I can't ride like this I always spend way too much time on forums or oogling at pictures of cb1100's trying to find ANY information/videos about them in english :)
  3. Oh man, now you're torturing me... the GOR is an amazing ride. I wish I could come, but I'll still be up here in Sydney.
  4. Working 6 nights a week 12 hour shifts (translates to physically working 7 days a week) and have been since october last year (though got 24th to 2nd off for chrissy/ny's).
    Sadly, my commute has become boring even on the bike :(.

    Im at work even now :angel:.
  5. @Mr Messy - Where in Newcastle are you? I lived up there for about 3 years (Thornton). Worked in Newcastle CBD.
  6. Sorry Ming :), yeah its definitely the one to do when you haven't been out of the city in ages, especially on a weekday.
    When you get back let me know and I'll go down with you ;)

    Didn't mean to hijack your thread btw :)
  7. Hey minglis, im out cessnock way atm but thinking to move back into town to cut the 90mins a day commuting on top of those hours out :p.
    I work on the hunter river reclamation project and coal loader expansion ;) (all the dredging in the last few years).

    edit: my current view...

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  8. NP. I hope you have a great ride. Let us know how it goes. I'm curious to hear how the ride is on a week day.
  9. They're expanding the coal loaders? I used to do Corporate IT training in Newcastle, so, often went to Coal & Allied to do their training etc.. Got some mates who work in Cessnock (mines of course).
  10. Sure, we have put 1 more loader in that can load two ships faster then we could 1 before, a third's wharf is currently being built, and theres plans for 3 more on kooragang.
    Also on mayfield side there is plans for 2 more, a container terminal, and a general cargo wharf.
  11. WOW... Trying to reduce the queue of ships waiting out at sea hey?! I lived down in Toronto for a while when I first moved to Newcastle and used to drive up the coast to work in the morning. There was always 10 or so ships waiting out there. Awesome sight at sun rise I must say.
  12. Withdrawal symptoms ? Know all about it, minglis !
    Might have touched on it during our ride a few weeks back - intense study time for me, so in order to remain 'focused', the beasts are best left to rest, till early/mid-march (depending on when my tests/checks are completed)...though it'll be hard not to take either out for even a lazy 1-2hr ride (great way of relieving stress) :D
    Come 'free of tests' time ('Does it ever end?' words I constantly hear in my mind...sadly, I know the answer to that!), the beasts will be getting a serious flogging !

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder.... and all that (y)
  13. I don't know how you do it!! I'd be too busy thinking about riding to concentrate. When your back on board, let me know, it'd be great to catch up with you again. Might be best to wait till you have a ride or two first though, not sure that I'd keep up with you when you're first getting it out of your system.

  14. Hahahahahaha ! That made me laugh mate (y)

    Looking forward to a ride again in the near future. Stay safe and well dude.
  15. I've had the Lady Mac for ten days now. Prior to that, I didn't ride for two years. That's withdrawals. I also spent two and a half years in her majesties hotel (88 ~ 90), and they don't let you ride much in there. In fact, the last bike I owned, was in '87. I've managed to put in a couple of hundred thousand kms between then and now, but one way or another it was all on bikes that belonged to other people.