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ride with your walkman/ipod on?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bambam_101, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. I read on here somewhere sometime ago that on this website there is no such thing as a stupid question.......well here goes....

    Do many of you guys ride with your walkman/ipod on? Is that a complete no no or common practice? I tend to always drive with my mp3 player (portable) on and I can imagine on longer bike rides, a bit of music might not go astray.

    What are your thoughts? Safe? Dangerous?
  2. This subject has been raised numerous times in recent months.
    Maybe try doing a search and you'll find the thread.
  3. The long and the short is that heaps of people do, I personally prefer to sing and yell abuse at cars. :)
  4. Yep I do sometimes. It's funny I was getting bored in traffic that's when I starting using the iPod. My son pinched it for a week and I will probably now not use it as much as I used to as I seem to be having fun again on the bike, maybe it's the weather changing I can split and zip around a lot easier, when it's wet I tend to slow down and that's when it gets boring.
  5. "The only stupid question is the one unasked.." (forget where that's from). As for riding with music I don't simply because I haven't found an easy way of being able to stop/mute sound when I need to concentrate. Wouldn't drive with headphones on either - they do make it harder to hear what's around you compared to a normal car stereo (especially with some of the earplug style headphones). Also the cops around here do actually book drivers with ipods - no specific law against it so they usually go for something else (I think careless driving). Actually a good idea I reckon, I've had a few cars pull out in front of me because the drivers are away in ipod fantasy land.
  6. I like listening to engine RPMs :grin:
    Never tried the ipod, but then never have been bored on the bike thus far.
  7. I haven't head phones yet but I prefer to know what is going on around me!
    I tend to agree with egiste and prefer to sing and yell abuse at cars.

  8. can't fit in the helmet...
  9. When it come to music I say do whatever, so long as you are able to concertrate and at least hear some of the noises around you.
  10. I'd listen if a had a 750 Gixxer too :twisted:
  11. I was going to get one when I first got my licence in case I got bored on the way to work like I do in the car. I haven't got bored yet, so still no mp3 player. I also found that it was good having all my thoughts and attention on what is going on around me, rather than singing to the music.
  12. i loved having the music going while riding, twas great fun!

    i dont think its any different from music in the car [never driven a car myself]

    it did take a while for me to find the right earphones and helmet. its well worth the effort.

    do it! [make sure you can still hear some traffic tho
  13. can be good can be bad, the only thing i was scetchy about was the songs i was listening too revving me up too much LOL
  14. that happened to me. i use to 'bop' down the road to work each morn
  15. its good listening to music while ya cruisin around on ya bike so long as ya can hear the fire truck or the ambos or the cops pullin ya over cause your hookin to an acdc song
  16. i tried it once when riding an rgv to sydney about 14yrs ago.. never again.. cant hear when things mite go bad..(although nothing did go wrong).. also cant hear the traffic around you as well, so it limits your situational awareness.
  17. hey,

    I recently got a set of good ear phones and have recently started riding around with my ipod. Its not too bad, however i feel you make more of an effort to watch for traffic because you cant hear as much.

    My bike is loud so a reduction in noise from my screamer is good, and I dont see how different it is listening to music than to wearing ear plugs.

    my 2 cents
  18. Nothing wrong with it in my oppininon...as long as you can still concentrate! I do it sometimes but most of the time i forget about it!
    I love the sound of the twin....
  19. pffft, who needs an iPod?