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Ride with committment

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by raven, May 30, 2010.

  1. The following is from an older thread that I introduced a while back. As we have various new riders on here now, and most of you seem to be actively persueing assistance and knowledge, I thought it might be worth bringing it back to the surface.

    Have a read...as I'm sure it can be of some help to you newer riders out there.


  2. Your posts always engender thought on a particular aspect Raven. :) Thanks, keep them coming.
  3. Thanks, raven - great point!

    "ride with commitment" (y)

    Believe I'm employing this, eg. not "I'd like to go there", or even "I want to go there" but "I AM going there" ... from the little things such as turning left/right from a stop, to changing position within a lane, or changing lanes, through to practicing lines etc. Helps focus and keeping things smooth.

    Personally, I find it can be disconcerting travelling behind a car that's undecided about what it's doing, where it's going etc as it tends to be all over the place - same for a bike.
  4. Great post John - really enjoying the positive posts by you and Rob on riding! Great to see and better to learn.

    (and it's said that men are afraid of commitment - rofl)
  5. Good thread!
  6. I think ravens posts are some of the most constructive on these forums, and when he originally posted this one I felt it was one of his best.
    Because no amount of technique and training and skill is going to help you if you don’t chose to use it. Having every tool available to you in the world won’t help if you don’t look at the tool box.
    When conditions change and a decision has to be made then the longer you take to make it, the closer you are coming to the point of no return without having chosen an action.
    One has to be a little carful with the application of this quote, but in the words of Sun Tzu…
    To make the wrong decision is regrettable. To make NO decision is unforgivable. Sun Tzu
  7. Thanks guys. I appreciate your kind remarks..

    Hopefully it is helping riders out there - somewhere. :)

  8. Good post Raven. Yep, totally agree, ride with commitment, don't dither and you're less likely to be bullied too.

    However, this doesn't change the etiquette rule which is to wave someone on if you're holding them up in the twisties... just do the wave with commitment. lol ;)
  9. You're my favourite on this forum Raven. Thanks - always - for the excellent posts and thought-provoking ideas, concepts and advice!
  10. Actually, aside from the humour attached, there is an underlying very good point you make, Rob.
    Ifyou do find yourself in that position, TAKE CONTROL of the situation!
    You want the bloke to pass you...then ride concisely and indicate clearly to that rider that you need or want him to pass. He will almost follow your clear instruction before he has realized it. So indicate your desire with authority and confidence. He'll be on his way.

    What if he is to dum to do what you desire? You have two choices. Slow right down and Pull over... Or farkem - get on with your own riding, and stay focused on THAT! and ride with committment. :))

  11. Yep, good post, good advice, as per usual Raven.

    I think the old saying "he who hesitates is lost" just about sums it up.
  12. I've had my eyes on other bikes, does this mean that I lack commitment?
  13. ermm...sorry...I appreciate that you are just being a bit tongue in cheek, but really...](*,)