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Ride while you are AWAKE

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Mendy, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. #1 Mendy, Jul 29, 2010
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  2. Yup, that'd be a bit shit...
  3. holy sheet..... that's awful.....
  4. How can you fall asleep while riding?
  5. he could have had a heart attack, brain aneurysm (sp?), fainted / passed out, etc.. .anything
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  7. that's a bad day right there
  8. That second one is just scary.
  9. Fell asleep while riding in the 70's, around OZ on a single cyl yam.

    When you wake up, you have no idea if you have been asleep for 2 seconds, or 20 minutes.
    I was about 20metres off the road running parallel to it. My mates were blowing their horns and shouting like crazy, thougt I was playing the fool.

    We stopped and made a camp for the night.
    Seriously scary.
  10. That light truck is shocking.... Perfect reason why riding in the back is banned in this country.

    But I challenge anyone to fall asleep in the recent icicle ride?
    I'd say impossible when it's around zero degrees....
  11. Fark! Maybe the tunnel fumes knocked him out...just like the M5.
  12. + 1. Really really made me shiver, that truck video. :(
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    a guy i went to school with was killed in an accident like that, ute rolled and he was practically cut in half by the roll-bar
  14. Def 'ouchy'!
  15. Only ever really fallen asleep once, and that was in a car. A late-night drive that could have easily gone horribly and fatally wrong. That moment of complete disorientation when you first wake up is not something that I ever want to experience again.

    As for the videos, the first one looks very strange. The rider isn't slumped at all, loose-limbed like he would be if he was asleep or ill. Very hard to figure that one. As for the 2nd one, well, with due respect to the people involved, that's just the Darwin Principle at work, nothing more, nothing less.
  16. ouch to both those clips, 1st 1 was odd how he seemed to be upright yet out to it, his head wasn't slumped. the bike didnt need him but it continued the journey on it's own
  17. few people dead in that second one. The person underneath the ute at the end was hanging out when it rolled on top of him.

    Fell asleep once driving after the most insane, draining night I've ever had. Coming up to Alfords point bridge, hit a few of the plastic markers standing up. If they weren't there would have t-boned a concrete wall.