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Ride up the old PAC tonight?

Discussion in 'NSW' started by snake, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. Anyone up for a late arvo/night ride up the old PAC tonight?

  2. I'd be up for it, although I don't think I've ever been there before.

  3. u must be a new rider then, most famous spot in Sydney for motorcycles..

    Also ride safe, came across a head on today at the old pac with 2 motorcycles

    wasnt a pretty site
  4. no just new to the area... although having read some more about it after a google, sounds like a prime place to pick up some demerits... *sigh* I'm sure they have a gps glued to my back or something.
  5. Hey guys, not sure if im heading out now, the call of beer may be stronger :)
    Hy Goz - how were the riders mate? Only a matter of time before head ons come up there...
  6. bloke was limping, the chick was laying on the road with lower back problems, we took charge of directing traffic till the ambos did their thing and left, as to how it happened, the bloke took the corner to hot and verged to the wrong side of the road slamming into the chick...

    ive had a few close calls up there with riders taking corners to hot, they need to leave stuff like that at the track if they are not used to it
  7. I doubt therel be any boys in blue on the old road at night its good at night no traffic though i alnost took out a walaby last week

    Old mate head on today was bad wrote off a basically new gsrx1000
  8. Were did it happen,north or south end
  9. South end on the bridge near cowan
  10. Was one of them riding a red bike with a tank cover? Went past a bike sat on the side of the road right at the start?
  11. :( Sad to hear... I've nearly been taken out by one running wide.. Had I been 50 metres ahead of where I was I would've been taken out. I try to avoid Sundays, a lot of cops and a few people going wayyyy too quick.
  12. that's why i stopped riding the old pac on fridays/saturdays/sundays. I also didn't ride it during holidays.

    only rode during the first part of the week as i take my own pace, and too many idiots to come out wide the rest of the time
  13. yup thats the one VFR thats the chicks bike.
  14. I would like to go riding mon to thursday but im busy at work but at least fri and sat are better than sundays
  15. I for the life of me dont understand how you could get it so wrong,with so many cops up there and the 80k limit that end its just stupid to tap it on so hard that it spins up and you run out of road,riding like that would have you blowing the speed limit big time, the place is full of really long tight sweepers so the name of the game is maintaining corner speed and line and being subtle on the throttle and not attracting to much attention.
  16. I ride this road fairly often so its bloody annoying to read of people riding beyond their limits and endangering others. Makes me think twice about riding it at the popular times. Luckily I can sometimes have a nice relaxed and enjoyable ride at the quieter times. Being on the Ps makes me extra cautious in trying to stick to the limits, even when I could safely go a bit quicker. So, I don't mind the police presence so much - is that a bit selfish?
  17. That's a curious description. I'm itching to go there to see what this hub-bub is all about now. Usually you have long sweepers or tight short corners, the only time I've ever seen a long-tight corner is when I've gone around a round about 10 times.

    Anyone ever organise first-time-old-pac runs for the un-initiated?
  18. well im part of the sydney learner sessions and im there every saturday with a few p platers, but this saturday i will be doing the putty loop if u want to experience 2 of the best roads in sydney
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    If you look at the bit of road there is a series of open, sweeping bends, but the bend immediately after the rail bridge is considerably tighter and could come as a bit of a surprise if you weren't paying attention...

  20. In where?
    Would be keen but have a wedding unfortunately.