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ride tomorrow Sat

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. Level 4/5 ride tomorrow, Saturday, going East'
    450 klms round trip. 260 klms of very technical twisties, 6/7 hours continuois riding.30 klms of good gravel road, 15 klms each way,
    Not for the faint hearted.
    Seems to have got lost in the all day Saturday ride thread,
    Meet at Macca's Lilydale, 9-00 AM 9-30 Depart, All welcome. But Experienced
    Riders only, Sorry, this is a tough one.

  2. if it's where i think your going watch out there is roadworks up there, 40km dirt and gravel everywhere on the section before the dirt, only clean area was after the dirt...

    Last rode it on the sunday of aussie weekend, looks like they had just started too, so could be messy for a while ](*,)
  3. I rode where I am going late last year, I heard they were going to make the 15 klm section this year some time, But the rest of the road was terrific and didnt need any repairs,
    I will find out tomorrow,
    Thanks any way for the info,
  4. Not the same road Stewy, couple of Klms just near the start where they were shaving the edge off the banks on the side of the road. The rest of the road was perfect, bit of gravel here and there, But plenty of lines through it. No need to even slow down. bit of bark ocassionally. The gravel section was solid, exposed flat rock sections with no dirt or gravel on it, Got a punture going across the gravel section, soft tyres pick up puntures easily, Chucked some cangol in it and that got me to a garage where I put in a plug with glue.
    I passed two cars and four people walking in 120 klms of absolute glorious mountain twisties that were made for a motor bike,
    What can I say, There are now no cobwebs on me or the Moped, But I do appologize for
    The kittens, There must be hundreds in kitty heaven now, Hahahahahaha
    Not saying where I went, But it wont be long before I am back there again, I feel a bit cheated, It was only 380 klms round trip, instead of 450, But I did come home the short way due to very black clouds approaching, About 8 hours all up due to punture repair and sitting in the pub to give it time to mend and to make sure it was going to stay up for the trip home.