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Ride tomorrow 29th Nth West of Geelong

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Roarin, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. So who's up for a spin around the NW area of Geelong tomorrow? I'll be leaving the BP servo at the Shell refinery turnoff at 10:15am. It's on the left after you pass Bunnings as you first come into Corio, Geelong.
    I'm not going to post up a detailed itinerary 'cause I f#cken hate rides organised down to the last minute and kilometre of the day.
    But we will visit towns by the name of Anakie, Steiglitz, Meredith, Inverleigh to name a few. We might even end up on the GOR at some stage. Who knows? Not even me. So don't bother asking such petty details as where will we eat lunch? How many kilometres will we do? But we will be back in Geelong by about 5pm. Or earlier.

    PS I will be riding my dirty bike so speeds won't be huge. Well, top speeds anyway. There is also the distinct possibility of the odd mono and stoppie occuring along the way. If this may offend you, too bad.

    PPS Post up if you're gunna roll up. Otherwise I won't know to wait for you.
    And I don't want to listen to any whining about the Princes Freeway either

  2. Well I can't be bothered posting up whether I'll be there or not... so I don't wanna hear any whining.


    Have a great ride mate.
  3. Hehehehehehe. Do ya reckon I've scared all the pussies and girly men away Rob? Hehehehehehe. It will be fun :)
  4. I'd be there if i didn't have to work.... If i suddenly fall ill tomorrow morning i'll post... Otherwise have a good ride :)
  5. I reckon you might have scared them off mate. LMAO.

    I'd love to join you mate. Loz speaks highly of your powers on two wheels... but I have things to do.

    Ah well... next time.
  6. Oh purple dressed one, shall see you soon.
  7. F%$kin top post. Right to point. Best rides are the ones that just go with the flow. Wish i could make it have other plans. Have a great day