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ride today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by greg12, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,
    so just wanted to recount a ride i went for today.. i went out to Richmond and it was beautiful ride.. came back via the M2 and encountered numerous tolls all e-pay (or ezy-pay, something).. lot of roadwaorks around lane cove on the M2 and there still having the balls i guess to charge a full toll while its 60 zone and a mess with roadworks all over the place...

    was heaps windy today.. coming south over the bridge (first ride over harbour bridge :)) noticed it really windy with strong side and head winds... i was just wondering whether the bridge is usually pretty windy to ride accross.. had to really roll the speed back going across but i noticed it was a windy day today before i set out anyway. although i dont think it affected things much on other parts of ride and on richmond rd etc

    so how common is this.. pretty common... any advice would be appreciated!
  2. The bridge was very, very windy today, especially when I was heading home just after 7.30pm. Yesterday was a bit windy but Monday was quite calm.
  3. I've ridden on windy days with winds up to 40km/h or so. It did get a little scary at first, having my 250cc bike tossed around by the wind on the westgate bridge and the freeway. But I learned pretty quick that the bike can take that much no problem :)

    Just make sure you stay relaxed and loose. Grip the tank with your knees. Try to remind yourself that it's normal for the bike sway a bit from side to side in strong winds. Keep your head and eyes facing where you want to go.

    Oh, and try to stay away from the edge of your lane depending on the wind's general direction. Accidental lane changes might occur if you're too close to the lane markings. LOL
  4. Thanks, good to know its not always like that.. i did think it was pretty windy day yesterday more then usual
  5. cool thats good advice, and good to know. i guess you have to expect it as well and learn how to deal with it

    accidental lane changes there are not going to end well – particularly when drivers on that part of the road seem particularly psychotic
  6. I've had some strong winds on the Bolte Bridge these past few weeks. Being a new rider I was a bit anxious that the bike might be blown off the bridge lol.