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ride today to robertson- 22/01

Discussion in 'NSW' started by dan chee, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. hey guys i know its super late notice but guess what?? the sun is shining, anybody free today for a run up mac pass, plan on leaving about 10... or are you all stuck at work:p :cool:

  2. Macquarie Pass is not recommended today. There was a bottom to top oil spill yesterday which was not completely cleaned up and there has been no overnight rain to assist in the natural removal thereof.....
  3. thanks for the heads up paul... well may make it a casual run up jambaroo mountain...
  4. jamberoo will be damp and leafy, but should be ok by near the middle of the day.....
  5. I'm kinda sick of going south all the time, haven't been on a putty run for months, so thats where I'm off to now.
  6. Putty was noice this time last week!! Enjoy.
  7. Hows about a weekend ride guys?
  8. im free sunday and monday darwin, some guys in another thread are talking about hitting the putty and old road, i'd be happy heading up the putty and back the same way.. lunch at wollubi...
  9. Dan
    Lunch at Woolumbi sounds good on Sunday, only been the putty once a couple of years ago.
    Lets meet Sunday morning somewhere local, any suggestions?
  10. maye sunday it is weather permitting.

    im in sylvania and your in mascot yeah?? so i would suggest meeting say 8.30 at the shell on king georges rd just before the hume hwy heading north....
  11. Yeah we're thinking putty, leaving from windsor at 8.30ish.
  12. how about winsor at 9.... i dont want to get up at dawn....
  13. ill let you post up a new topic phiz.... you can have the back to back title... saturday and sunday....
  14. Oh you thinking sunday? Ah we were thinking monday.

    How long do you think it would take to go from windsor, up putty then down old pac to pymble? As I'd have to be back by 4.

    With or without me there are others keen for a ride sun/mon.
  15. yeah sunday altho i could go monday too.... tweet is the man to ask about the time for the old pac and putty loop, think he did it today. its a regular run for him, me i prefer the run up and back the putty.
  16. Hmm I think work wont be open on the public holiday for a change, forgot about that. So later start is better... esp since it does take me ages to get to windsor :LOL:
  17. Im no longer doing that Sunday ride as it involves dirt & causeway crossings. So whatever day's fine, but prefer Monday. Unsure how many people can actually ride on Sun after Phiz's bash tho.
  18. Yeah monday is better for me too.
  19. If there is a monday group ride I should be able to make it.
  20. Forgot about the holiday, I'm good for any day.
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