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N/A | National Ride to work day June 20th and petition

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mainstage, May 30, 2011.

  1. www.ridetowork.org.au

    June 20 2011 is international ride to work day. on the site there is also a petition to use the bus lanes on the M2

    Thought this would be of interest .
  2. I'll ride on the 20th. I even have to take the m2. I wonder if they'll put on extra bike cops to combat bikes?
  3. Re: Ride to work day/petition

    June 20th - did they have to pick the middle of winter??lol

    I'll ride to work.

    This has been a great initiative for bicycles. It should be for motorcycles. Spread the word.
  4. Re: Ride to work day/petition

    but it'll be summer across the oceans...not that it'll favour us. I'll be riding, assuming I'm not away for work.
  5. Re: Ride to work day/petition

    damned winter.........
  6. Unfortunately it was initiated in the US. And "Ride to Work Day" was appropriated by the bicycle lobby here osme time back - so it's actually "Motorcycle Ride to Work Day".

    It's a good idea but we have a much higher percentage of commuting riders than the US does so it's not as obviously noticeable here.
  7. Do WE get pancakes?
  8. of course. all cafes nationwide are taking part - all you have to do is walk in and order some. if they say "i'm sorry sir, they're not free" you then have to request to speak to the manager and give him the "special punch". once you've done that and told him he's a "f*ucking lousy manager" they give you your free pancakes :D
  9. "special punch":

  10. Re: Ride to work day/petition

    Winter? I seem to remember a season called 'Winter' coming around once a year, but after moving to Brisbane 14 months ago it's been strangely absent... :-k

    (The sad thing is that as my all-weather/winter gear's gotten better over the years I've steadily moved closer and closer to the equator. Here in Brisbane it's mesh armour and ventilated race gloves for 9 months of the year, and handguards removed except during "winter" so my paws get decent cooling airflow. :p In some ways I sorta miss the cold! It's less sweaty and smelly that way.)
  11. good day of the year to beware of bad riders
  12. Doesn't everyone ride every day?
  13. Yeah, Brizzie's a lovely climate. Now if only it'd stop bluddy rain all the time...
  14. No. Four or five times a year, I leave the bike at home and go for a drink instead.
  15. Only the lucky ones :D
  16. Every day is my ride to work day!

    I put on my wets this morning expecting a torrential downpour and I hardly got drizzle. Colour me disappointed. All dressed up and nowhere to go.

    Quote from my coworkers yesterday "You're going out in this? You're mad!"

    Not crazy, just not soft like most other fair weathers'
  17. For an "International" day it seems to focus alot on Sydney.
  18. What's with this winter talk.....
    Was once told there's nothing ever wrong with the weather.
    You're just inappropriately dressed....:p
  19. That would be me in the Power Ranger gear with the big yellow 'L' on the back, in front of a cloud of 2T smoke.
  20. Tell me about it.

    If a rider has to go to the time and effort of wriggling into wet-weather gear, the rain better at least step up to the task and be biblical. :D