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Ride to Tocumwal ...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Charmed, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Just a quick note,

    Those who are up this way, lucky enough to have day off etc
    Mr Charmed, myself & son2 heading out the door in a few for
    a ride over to Toc. Going via the Vic side.

    So feel free, to catch up, meet @ Toc for lunch.
    mobile number ... 0412051161
  2. Dave and I are also headed that way......in the cage tho.
    We are going to Cobram for a couple of nights camping on the Murray. If you are down that way, we will be camping off the track at the end of Racecourse Rd before Dead River.
  3. 3 of us all set to go,
    turn the key, press the button NOTHING [​IMG]

    Ok off we get, roll the baby back into garage, in the process of getting the damn battery out & Mr Charmed's ph ring ...

    Work, so off he goes into work. NOT HAPPY JAN, double [​IMG][​IMG]

    So now Im waiting on ph calls on who has battery in stock. At this rate will have to order one in. Pathetic actually.
  4. Well we wont be up at the river till prob 6ish so if you have a late ride, call past for a cold beer :grin:
  5. hey sorry just realised where ur from have ya's ever thought about going on the blighty poker run i'm not from there but we had family down there n do it every yr well last yr was my first, its a good time and it even had a stop in mulwala last yr
  6. Being able to do these sort of things depends on
    1 If Mr Charmed can get enough time off work
    2 Depends what time of year it is
    3 Depends just what is going on in town. eg .. cod opening season, holiday season, etc
  7. usually 2nd saturday of march