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Ride to the Hills 2/8/2011 TUESDAY

Discussion in 'VIC' started by katcando, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Tomorrow is going to be 20degrees and I'll be buggered if I'm going to waste it. Im inviting interest in riding through to Kinglake, Toolangi and Healesville.

    Im leaving from Williamstown mid morning and can delegate a meet point depending on interest. Learners are welcome to join me but if there isn't any interest from learners I can make it a more advanced pace (keeping in mind that I am on a 250)
  2. Re: Ride to the Hills 1/8/2011

    Must have seen at least 30 bikes doing this on Sunday..a gorgeous day to be out riding. With 20 deg C forecasted, I am actually 'spewing' I'm not in Melbourne to perhaps tag along and enjoy this ride with you, one of my favourite, almost 3 times weekly loops.
    Have fun katcando and hope you get a good turnout - otherwise, enjoy Melbourne's finest weather, or at least the beginning of it (y)
  3. Re: Ride to the Hills 1/8/2011

    I wish! have a grear ride ;)
  4. BUGGER!!! I'm working.
  5. Uni...](*,)
  6. same.....

    what a great day for a blast tooo!
  7. Bugger, I'm tied up till at least lunch. Enjoy the ride and the day.
  8. I'd love to wag work, with a touch of flu coming on might be the best medicine for me!! However I'd probably slow you down as I havent been on a ride for so long, thru the hills is different then commuting.. Maybe another time, but I must say you picked a great day, mid week should have the roads easy on traffic too.
  9. Oh damm, what a great day for it, and I am stuck in the office. Hope you enjoy the ride Kat
  10. suppose ya left
    already lol
  11. Have you seen how many motorbikes are out today! DRiving around the dandenongs there are heaps! Wonder what the level of "sick" leave is like today?
  12. hahahaha i might go do to angelsea stuff kinglake
  13. Is your boss hanging around Kinglake? ;)
  14. haha me nah, no bosses for me buddy
  15. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :D enjoy your ride! spare a thought for us still working ;)
  16. Or those not in the country to partake in even an 'after-work' quick blatt !
    I've said it before and I'll say it again now - Melbourne's finest weather is (mostly) when I'm not in the country... @%$$&%* !!!!

    Enjoy everyone !
  17. Im about to head out after work, cant let that sunshine go :D to waste
  18. Nice one...anyone else care to 'rub it in' ? (y)
  19. I wasnt rubbing it in lol :( but but wouldnt it be worse to sit here and not go out? :bolt:
  20. The 'thumbs up' gesture after my phrase was to signify that it's all good, chicken78.
    I was kidding...Have a great ride :)