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Ride to survive article (RACV Mag)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Here is an article that was in the RACV magazine. Some of you may find it interesting.....

    Basically outlines that most accidents are likely to occur in the afternoon peak hour and which suburbs have the most accidents etc.

    Page 1

    Page 2

  2. yes the other half read this and
    then told me i am not to in to Richmond again
  3. Was sort of suprised about the rear end crash statistic. Goes to show that the most occuring accident is the one us riders have the least amount of control over. All other accidents, I would assume, would involve a fair bit of poor judgment on a riders behalf. It's really the only thing that worrys me on a bike. I know that I ride defensively enough that I am always going to keep myself safe. I can't really control some a-hole who follows to closely and doesn't pay attention.

    Probably pisses me off so much becuase I lost my first bike in this manner. Somehow came out of it without a scratch. Got hit by a car doing about 40 and I launched over the bars and landed on the back of a car infront. I shudder ot think of what else may of happened. Could of snapped by back, neck etc... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Results of me getting rear ended. My bike had less than 3000k on it :(

    The lesson i learnt from it was, always give yourself an exit route.
  4. is the lady in red the driver? :LOL:
  5. Righty - those are some sad looking pics. :( Poor bike. :( (glad to hear you came out of it okay though).
  6. Na it wasn't the lady in red. It was a young fella with 2 mates in the car. He didn't even say sorry or anything. Checked if I was ok and then spent the entire time on the other side of the road. Made me so friggin angry.

    Tis all good, I got a nice new bike out of it. Lost my insurance contract though and that was only 3 months old..... But that's a whole other story.
  7. The rear-end crash statistic is one more reason to legalise filtering between lanes in slow-moving or stationary traffic. The odds of getting rear-ended are slim to none if you're sitting between cars, rather than in front of them.

    Sadly, motorcycle safety isn't a priority for our gubberments - hell, it's not even on the list. :roll:
  8. mate, can't see the linky's.

    pm me the links. i'd be interested to read this.
  9. Click on the pic of the page :wink:
  10. LOL@Ktulu

    I'll read this article when I'm awake, or when I get it next time I'm home
  11. Haha! I also noticed that it looks like the rider in the very first pic has no gloves on. :?

    Edit: Yep, it's pretty clear from the first image on the second page that the rider has no gloves on. :LOL:
  12. :WStupid: Ktulu always comes up with the good ones :p :LOL:
  13. um, that's the thing, i can't see the pics. :shock:

    nice, 'ktulu',
  14. This has piqued my interest. Would you like to elaborate on this?

    Perhaps we need a "consumer" area to discuss consumer issues such as bad dealers, insurance problems and so on.
  15. No real surprise that the majority of accidents are not the motorcyclists fault and are either caused by cars smashing into you from behind or the side.
    Number one reason I lanesplit and speed regularly.
    I'd rather wear a fine than be strapped into a wheel chair for life thank you very much.
  16. It is a combination of being in a hurry to get home, being tired after work and being on mobile phones (honey, don't forget the milk?....when will you be home?....what are you wearing?...you spent $500 on new shoes today, i worked a week for that), All together mixed up with a little peak hour traffic.

    I also think splitting through moving traffic at any speed increases your chance of a rear end accident. I do however think filtering through stopped traffic significantly reduces your chance of being hit.
  17. 3-4pm is probably the time i hate most :( there are atleast 10-15 schools within 3kms of my house. with all the mums picking the kids up in their toorak tractors! one of my favs is - 'sorry didn't see u was busy telling the kids off in the back seat!' :furious:

    what do you do if you are in traffic but there is no room to lanesplit or go down the sides of traffic??? it's hard to keep an eye on the car behind you as well as the stop start traffic in front. any ideas/tips???
  18. It's a standard thing across the board. Basically as soon as your bike, car, whatever has been deemed a "write off" then that it the end of the contract with that piece of machinery as it no longer exists. So I payed 800 odd Bucks for my insurance, bike got totalled in withing the first few months that's the end of that. I called up the government insurance peeps and they said it's just how it is and the best I could hope for was to try and chase down the money from the people who ran into me. I wrote a letter but I never sent it, In between moving houses and starting a new job i kinda forgot about it. So when I got my new bike I had to get new insurance for the new wheels. Needless to say I wasn't really happy and moved to a new insurer just to prove a point (no doubt it didn't really prove anything :grin:). Insurer was Swann btw, I found the complete tossers to deal with on the phone and border line rude. They never met a single deadline that they gave me, which was another reason I took my business elsewhere.