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Ride to Putty... make that Westmead :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 69SIM, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. Disclaimer: This is by no meant to be a competition with cjvfrcjvfr ;)

    So it was with much excitement that SibiSibi and I had the day off with the plan to meet my brother at Grey Gums Cafe and take Sibi up on the 10 Mile section, ride around to Cessnock via Broke and then back down through Wollombi etc.

    Unfortunately, 5 minutes after we left home we were riding along Pennant Hills Road, the sun was behind us but it was quite low and there was glare in the mirrors. There was minimal traffic on the road which is why I was quite surprised to suddenly see a car stopped dead right in front of me. On came the brakes but I was too close. Up and over I went, landed on my left side next to the drivers side front wheel. I was able to crawl off the road and then just lay there until help arrived. The bike... well you'll see in the photo's.

    Sibi was behind me and she said that she didn't see any brakes lights or indicators come on for the person I hit and I certainly don't remember seeing any of those things myself. She apparently was turning in to the driveway but had stopped because a car was coming out of it. She had her daughter in the back and spent more time being concerned about her kid than than the rider laying prone on the footpath. Understandably concerned about her kid but I don't recall her asking me at all how I was... (Edit: she just called me and asked how I am going, so that was nice).

    Anyway, ambo's arrive, check me out, I can't walk to the ambulance so on to a trolley and they put a hip brace on and a neck brace. At this point I have pain in my left hip and down my leg, pain in my right shin, my tongue is sore (I have a nice bruised tongue, must have gritted my teeth on it) and a bit of a sore wrist. Say hello to MORPHINE! :)

    We get to the hospital and I'm in for X-rays pretty quickly, at this point I notice my chest is sore so they do an MRI scan on it as well. I felt like I was going through a Stargate! I was also feeling nauseous from the morphine at this point and was dry retching a lot. Hadn't had brekky yet so nothing to come up.

    Back to ER and then a coupe of hours hanging about until the doctor comes over and says that there are no broken bones, no fractures and no internal bleeding. He says that if I can walk then I can leave. So I get up and bam! can't put any weight on my left leg so off to the short stay ward to see if there is any improvement and I'm also on Endone but it didn't really seem to help. After another hour or so I ask for something else and am given ibuprofen and panandol and that seemed to help. I've got a nasty graze on my right leg which I think is more from the top of my boot than anything else and a smaller ache on the left side.

    Along comes a physio and we try walking with crutches and it's doable though I have to take it slow. So we are now at home, the bike is definitely going to be written off, I'd be very surprised if they want to repair it, the front looked pretty well smashed in. Will be talking to the officers tomorrow to make a statement. Called into the chemist to get some Panadeine Fotre which I find always works best for me.

    After going over the incident I can honestly say that:
    1) There was no traffic on the road.
    2) I never saw her until I was about a car length away from her even though I was looking ahead (maybe I was target fixating on the upcoming traffic lights).
    3) I never saw any break lights or indicators.
    4) The sun was behind us but very low and was hard to see when I was doing mirror checks earlier to see where Sibi was.

    And as it always happens, we had out cameras on but I hadn't turned them on as I wanted to save battery life until we were out of the city traffic :(

    I think I might end up getting a Daytona before you Steve VtecSteve Vtec, or a Crossfire! ;) Is it wrong to be thinking about a new bike? Oh and jonnymacjonnymac, looks like I can put in an order for a new helmet ;)

    As for my gear, the only thing that seems stoofed is the helmet. My pants and jacket are fine, boots look fine, gloves are fine.

    A big thanks to the people who stopped to help, one guy, Graeme I think he said his name was hung about with me until the ambo came. The ambo's, Gavin and Greg where funny guys. Thanks to Charles and Chris at ER for looking after me and the biggest thanks I can ever give anyone is to SibiSibi, she sorted everything out, talked to everyone and only had a couple of tearies... love you beautiful!

    Anyway, got some photo's:

    The car I hit:
    Me prone:

    This is not the normal riding position for a VStrom:
    Notice, no more beak on the VStrom:
    The only bit of gear damage, a big dint and scrap on my helmet... no brain, no pain:
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    Last edited: Jul 14, 2016
    Mate ! SOOOOOOO glad you're ok, mend quick and make sure you enjoy the new bike selection while on the mend. Bloody hell SibiSibi this is happening to you all to often but yet again you handled it with great control you champion ;)
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  3. Definitely, not meant to be a competition, to borrow a phrase from uncle greguncle greg before he arrives: Dude!!

    Glad you are Ok mate. (y)
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  4. You know, there are easier ways to de-beak a strom. Flamin' over achievers!

    Take care of yourself and don't hesitate to seek further attention if you need it. It's better to be told you're fine than to hold off and end up with permanent problems.
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  5. oh mate what a disaster - hope you heal up ok, so sorry to hear about this (just tried calling you both but you're probably smashed on meds right now)

    SibiSibi - looks like you'll have to find another way to get rid of him - hope you're ok too!
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  6. yeah DUDE
    glad your ok
    heal well and back on the road
    in the meantime if Sibi needs anything
    im just a few hours away
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  7. Why does the phrase 'mouse in charge of cheese' come to mind haha
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  8. My Dear departed Mum used to say why worry about whats behind you. Stopping dead in the middle of the road for stupid reasons seems to be a common thing and not looking behind you when doing it is also common. Hope you come good soon and it all goes smooth for you.
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  9. well
    dont want her to miss her anual now
    do we?
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  10. you need to get that predictive text looked at
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  11. The best thing is the degradation of the thread in record time hahahaha! Has cheered me up no end :)

    I know Dark AngelDark Angel, though I actually liked the beak look hehe.

    All I could think about in the ambo ride was... "Daytona, Crossfire... Another DL... oooh MV... oooh APE!" hehehe

    One day we'll get Sibi on the 10Mile, maybe someone else should take her hehe
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  12. who's going to eat all those lovely donuts in the morning?
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  13. Happy you are ok (y).
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  14. thinking of donuts mate?
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  15. you need cheering up so I recommend you get an Ape, I'm sure GeorgeOGeorgeO will try to convince you that Brutale is what you need by I know the V4 has already worked its magic on you
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  16. rsv4 rf
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  17. that's different, you're actually going to eat them, I thought you'd... nevermind
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  18. eat them?
    i dont make them mate
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  19. Four Quinelles mate, glad you're OK. That helmet has done it's job alright, it's taken a pretty direct impact up top and not a small one. You may not have noticed it but I'd say you hit your head fairly hard on something on the way through.
    I'm guessing about here unless it's a trick of the light.
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  20. Jesus. That could have been deadly. I've seen bikes that looked far better with people that ended up far worse... I don't feel like "lucky" is the right word to use when I look at your strom, but considering your state of health after that, "unlucky" doesn't seem to work either.

    I'm glad you're alive, and I'm glad SibiSibi was there to help. What an ordeal mate. Hope it's a quick recovery, I guess you'll have a better idea of that tomorrow...
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