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Ride to Phillip Island For MotoGP

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Yeppoonite, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Hi All

    I live in Yeppoon CQ and am looking for anyone who is interested in a ride down to the MotoGP at Phillip Island this year. Looks like the two guys who were going to ride down with me have pulled out. It is a long way to ride on your own.

    I did not have any itinery for the ride down. Last time we took about 4 days and stopped whenever we felt tired or wanted a drink. I am not out to break any land speed records.

    I have a house booked at Sunderland Bay from the Wednesday before the race to the Wednesday after. I have bought just a general admission ticket this year.

    Anyhow, if anyone is interested or would like further details then please let me know and we can go from there.

  2. Lovely spot Yepoon, Love to retire there,
    A lot of riders come down from Brissy each year, You could possibly check out the Brissy bike sites for people to ride down with,
    We have an annual Blackbird meet up at PI, two of them ride down from QLD, Another from Northern NSW. We had one from WA last year,
    Hope this helps, and yes, It is a big ride,
  3. Im in Sydney and have the same situation however I do have a mate driving down to take some of my gear. Let me know if you wanted to meet up on your way down unless you are just going down the freeway. I was thinking of overnighting on the way.
  4. i live in batlow nsw looking for company to ride phillip island . possible overnight stop at batlow if you are coming from north.
  5. I'm looking at the idea as I want to tour around and see mates after the Memorial Ride. I'm in Warwick, but will be heading down through Brisvegas and along the coast road.. I think.. finances depending.
  6. I am in Parkes NSW and heading down on the thursday if you want to meet up and travel together? not in any hurry long as I am there for the saturday and sunday, Parkes is a great little town for a overnite stay
  7. My ridding partner can't make it any more. I'm on the Gold Coast and keen to find a group to tag along with.
  8. Any of the riders in this community planning on riding to the moto gp from Brisbane or anywhere in Qld this year? I'm seriously considering doing it but haven't done it before and would like to see if more people tag along so we can start planning for it. Cheers.
  9. I was going to ride down but have conveniently found a reason to be in Melbourne for work at that time. :)
  10. Anyone going to asbk at Morgan park in August? I'd be keen to ride there with anyone.
  11. I could be tempted for the MotoGP. How long does it take? I'd seriously need to get my seat sorted out though. Anything over 2 hours and my arse screams.
  12. Ridden down a couple of times a decade ago and looks like I can do it again this year.
    Went with my brother the first time and solo the next year. On the way back solo I rode with two different riders I met along the way and it was good to ride with them.
    I tried to keep off the major highways to make it as interesting as possible. 4 days or more is what I'd be looking at.
  13. I am formulating a plan. Considering booking a camp-site there and roughing it in cabins etc there and back.
  14. I stayed in a caravan at the Island and mixed tenting it, pub and youth hostel on the way there and back.
    Keep me in the loop!
  15. Yeah I'm tentatively interested in this as well, just not sure my arse will be up to the task by October.
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  16. I was planning, but I think I'm going to change my plan and go for WSBK in Feb instead. More time to prepare....
  17. I'm interested
  18. Unfortunately My uni scheduling isn't going to allow me to do the ride this year! I'm pretty keen on revisiting the idea for WSBK in Feb possibly.

    That said, I have secured my attendance at the GP, I'll just have to fly down :-(
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  19. Not too long until its time to ride.
    Wasn't keen on riding the scrambler down there if I didn't have all that much time on my hands to ride as many back roads as possible.
    Riding in the early morning cold this past weekend turned an illness earleir last week into pleurisy by this Monday which convinced me I could be well served by having also having another bike which shields me from the elements that can be encountered on a longer trip. So I acted on something I've been thinking about for a long while and went in search of an inexpensive, dedicated touring bike for the trip down. Something with a fairing, good windscreen, luggage capacity and even heated grips.
    Now to get well again because having to sleep sitting up sucks.
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  20. Edit: bugger it if I'm going I'm taking the scrambler!
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