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Ride to Palm Beach Saturday 21st March

Discussion in 'NSW' started by goz, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. So everyone that wanted to meet at Penrith, Parra and Frasers, scrap that and head straight to Homebush location...

    Cakemen ill ring u just before we leave to double check on you...

    Pic of meeting location below for the people that dont know it...


  2. I should be in goz (crossing fingers). 12pm may be a better time I think.
  3. ok the reason i wrote it will be either 12pm or 2:30pm is some people will be working on Saturday and i could be 1 of them, well, i got the call up today to work on Saturday so the time will be 2:30pm

    That means i got to fly home, 5 minutes to get ready and get back on the road lol Doh

    Ps. i have to be home by 7:30pm to watch my Bulldogs :) no ifs or buts about it :grin:
  4. I might be able to make it, and possibly bring along another noob mate with me - this'll be his first proper ride, apart from the trip home from the dealer and many laps of his apartment block's underground carpark...

    I'll post back here with more certainty later.

    12pm would be better for me, but as long as I'm home by about 5 it should be OK.
  5. If you all want to leave at 12pm, then i'll opt out and go on the next 1, up to you guys, not fussed
  6. Goz who is leaving from Penrith , as I'd like to tag along, i've never been up to nth beaches and be a good opportunity to get up there if there are other L's and P's onboard that is..
  7. grange will be leaving from penrith, im sure he will come on and make a meeting point in Penrith.
    Also dosnt matter if your the only L plater there on the day champ, still welcome, we are not planning on doing break neck speeds, just an enjoyable day for all
  8. I am up for this. Will have to meet you at Frasers.
    Maybe they will mind my bike whilst i take a Duc GT1000 for a ride up to palmy. :LOL:

  9. lol u got buckleys, cause im taking it :LOL: :LOL:
  10. don't worry on my L's as well and have no probs keeping up with goz....

    when we're stopped at the lights.
  11. Mate ive got to give it a miss, thought i was working till 2 but im working till 3. If its a later start id be up for it (3:30) but i know you got to get home in time to watch the doggies lose :)

  12. i reckon if u got to frasers just after 3pm youd be right, by the time everyone gets there, has a bunger and a chat it will be after 3pm anyway

    thats if people want to leave at 3, as stated above, the interest is for midday and i'll opt out if thats the case
  13. Timmy will be there if its 2:00pm start .. either Parra or Frazers .. where in Parra would ya meets?
  14. BP next to hooters sounds good
  15. excellent, cya at hooters at 2:30 .. um I mean the BP :LOL:
  16. Well, since several people in the thread have mentioned mid afternoon, I probably won't make it after all - I'd have to turn around & head home half way through!

    Have fun guys, I might do the RNP in the morning instead :)
  17. Thought I'd have a look at how long it would be .. and wow goz you really like looong rides dont you .. :LOL: Do ya think we need more air in the tyres for this?


    I actually thought they'd fixed that.
  18. haha ^^ that's classic. goz, it's all good, i should be able to meet up with you all tomorrow at Fraser's. I too have to be back for the Doggies game.... :)
  19. Lololol dont forget the budgie smugglers, see ya at 2:30 Bp......

    Lets make frasers meeting point 3pm....

    Grange, whats your meeting point in penrith?
  20. If we are meeting at frasers at 3pm then i should be able to make it. After everyone has their chat and smoke ill be getting there at 3:10 (just round the corner from work) and should be able to make it.

    Goz, ill pm you my number and can you send me a txt or something if you guys are out of their by 3 and ive just missed you.....