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Ride to Licola, Thurs 19th Jan (Tommorrow)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Mouth, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Forecast is for a good day (27 degrees, partly cloudy) and I decided to head off for a ride. Short notice, and if anyones wants to come along they are welcome.

    Approx Route: Pakenham, Launching Place, Icy Creek, Moe, Rawson, Glengarry, Licola, Mirboo North, Poowong, Cranbourne.
    Map: http://g.co/maps/q79n8
    Start point: Service Lane on the Cnr Princes Hwy and Pakenham Rd, Pakenham (point A on Map) for 9:00am (post, so I know to stop :wink:)

    I'll be heading off from Bayside area, so if anyone wants to meet between there and Pakenham, just make a post.
  2. thats what I call a nice day out, hope the weather and po po are kind to you.
  3. Methinks a sickie beckons... :p

    Let' see.
  4. Hmmm, what level ride will it be?
  5. Lets call it Lvl 3 - intermediate/moderate (details, right-hand side). I have no interest in losing my license, nor paying a fine, so am not out to kill kittens or contest speed records :) It will, for me, be a blow off the cobwebs and enjoy the scenery/ride as it's been too long since a non-commute on 2 wheels. But the nature of some of the roads/corners and the number of km's for the days would mean it would need a competent learner or better.
  6. I'd love to come along it looks like a great ride and I'm a bit too fond of being able to ride to risk losing my license so that part sounds great, but I haven't done such a long ride in a while so may drop off at an earlier point if that's okay?

    I'm from Frankston way :D
  7. would attend but im still off the bike for another month or more :(

    Stupid shoulder surgery
  8. Yup, drop off anywhere you like of course.
    I'm further up from F'ston, so can meet you at the Pakenham start point.
  9. Ouch! Not the best time of year for it :)
  10. Hahaha, you're the third person that has said that :)
  11. Works for me :D See you bright and early tomorrow!

    And to all those people threatening sickies, get off your butts and call your bosses already!!
  12. Mouth Two reasons I would like to do this ride, one is I need to talk to you face to face and the other is the destination ........licola is such a great ride and it's not done often enough but unfortunately I still have 2 days before I get my licence back.......so I'm jealous .

    Cheers B

    PS you should come out on our rides and meet the people.
  13. No..... We mods keep Mouth slaving away at a keyboard keeping all the hamsters running around. ;)

    I have to work :(
  14. Yeah :) Family life is getting to a point where I'm hoping/expecting I'll be able to get out on 2 wheels more than I have in recent years, so that's quite possible.
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  15. Hahaha, damn hard task masters you lot are. :)
  16. bugger...... full day of rehab tomorrow....

    maybe next time

  17. what time are you aiming to be at licola?? i'm thinking about coming from the other direction but wont be riding too fast as i just had my tonsils out the other day.
  18. Not really sure, but with a bit of calc from GMaps and allowing for fuel stop etc. I would say around 1:00-1:30 'ish.
  19. hey mouth what sort of bike were you on. i got to licola around that time and only saw one other bike...
  20. Thanks for the ride, guys....awesome day. Hope the rest of your ride went well after I peeled off at Moe. Had a blast :)