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Ride to get fuel... ill never forget...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Overture, May 14, 2012.

  1. So riding to get some fuel it's 8:10pm the klx needed some love, took the corner at 30ish, then doing about 45 coming out of it in a 60 zone being careful it being wet. Blue Astra, over takes on double lines (Doing at least 70, don'
    t worry he did indicate.) his mirror clips my handle bars and wobble out and low slide into the gravel rolling and sliding off the bike. Oh he/she also drove off.


    I was heading towards Warrandyte to see the GF before I went home after getting the motor juice. A nice guy in a Ute stopped maybe 30 seconds later to help me get the bike up and made sure I was ok.

    Damage to bike:
    Front end out of alignment, brand new clutch lever scrapped a bit and left grip has some road in it. D:

    Damage to me: sprained wrist, road rash on left arm where jacket bunched, road rash on right elbow road rash and bruising on left shoulder from initial impact. All the rash is like 2ish layers of skin deep, so there won't be any scars etc. Jacket took a bit of a beating as did my Kevlar jeans.


    Hard to see with shitty phone, but the jacket has some small ripping in it and the jeans are basically fine, was wearing Thor Quadrants under the jeans and Sidi WP boots.

    I was positioned in the left part of the lane as well where most cars left wheels would travel. I did rear break to try and stop the wobble, but I was already gone by the time that happened.

    Be careful in the wet everyone I'm bloody lucky it didn't happen about 400 mtrs before or I would be dead or paralyzed.

    Thanks for reading!
    Ride safe.


    Edit: More pictures soon. Phone is being shit.
  2. Glad you are Ok. A sad story, I guess no witnesses and you weren't able to get a numberplate. Pity they could be charged with unsafe passing, and leaving the scene of an accident. :(
  3. I have a partial rego and you would think with all the cctv around etc, they would be able to match it. (Unless they didn't go through Warrandyte and live close by or went on more back roads etc.) Adv. speed etc you could plot where they might be quiet easily :/
  4. So you were whacked by a cage and he/she didn't even bother to stop even though the impact was done at high speed ($1.10+)?! What sort of prick doesn't stop in this situation? I'd assume they would have seen you going down or at the very least noticed that they clipped you and shown some concern.

    Good to see that you came out of it without too much injury but this sort of thing really lessens my faith in human nature (perpetrator decided against stopping to see if you were okay and/or render assistance). Probably worried that their insurance costs would increase (due to the accident), were running late for dinner, would be fined/lose points and/or their BAC was the wrong side of 0.05%. Whatever the reason(s), they're a low-life arse-wipe with no regard for others and doesn't deserve to be on let loose on the public road system. Hope the authorities can track 'em down and serve out some justice.
  5. blue astra damaged right mirror then ?
    what year ?
    anything else significant about the car ?
  6. you go the the plod? its a hit and run.
  7. While I am not making excuses for the driver here, are you saying you were doing 30 (accelerating to 45) around a corner in a 60 zone, at night, this being a corner that an Astra can take at 70?

    Sounds like theres a high risk of being rear-ended there.

    Reminds me of coming around a corner in the twisties to find a bicycle that is going much much slower. They can be around the corner and out of sight as you come out of the prior corner, but not yet clear of that corner when you get to it.

    Still, no excuse for hitting, let alone hit and running. Go to the police!
  8. I sincerely hope you heal quickly. But please get your wrist checked out - what feels like a sprain may be more. Don't mess with your long term health.

    Make a report with all the information you have. Give them every little snippet of information, no matter how small or inconsequential you think it may be. Remind them about the presence of CCTV if necessary.

    Hit and run is hit and run. No way to excuse that.
  9. Agree with the other blokes, get your wrist x-rayed..
    Glad you and the bike weren't seriously damaged.. pretty astounding that the person did a runner.. i would of thought you would hear a bike hitting your car.. f'ucking scum.

    Goodluck and feel better!
  10. Grrrr. makes my blood boil hearing about twits that drive off after hitting someone!
    Unfortunately, the Police makes it so worthwhile to do a hit and run because they don't want to do anything about it. Apparently, it's not a very serious thing to hit someone and drive off.
    I hope you heal quickly. Sprained ankles take a very long time to recover. It's been almost 2 months since i almost got taken out of a red light runner and it's still not 100%.
    Hit and run has become a very common sighting these days...
    I don't understand how they spend so much money on compaigns raising awareness for speeding, but I have never heard anything done about hit and runs, which is far worse than a few drivers going 10km over the speed limit.
  11. Sorry for the late reply guys, have been in hospital and was just discharged today. Messed up the AC disc and other stuff in my left shoulder.

    To clarify it was VERY wet, there was water running over the road and making it slippery, my call to go 30-35 in 60 zone when the recommended speed for that corner is 40 in the dry.. It was when I was just leaving the corner and my speedo hit 45 km that the astra hit me, accelerating well past me in the process.
  12. Heading in tomorrow morning, would of gone sooner but the quacks wanted me in for an extra 2 days, got another ultrasound tomorrow, and physio next week.
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  13. This makes me want to get a go-pro helmet cam.

    Hope you are OK and back riding soon.
  14. Sorry to hear of your off. I GoPro every ride for this reason.