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Ride to Conquer Cancer Volunteers

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by arussell, May 19, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    My name is Ana and I am the Crew and Volunteer Coordinator for the Ride to Conquer Cancer - a brand new 2 day, 200km cycling adventure on a quest to end cancer. All of the money raised by The Ride will benefit the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, a worldwide leader in cancer research and discovery. QIMR devotes half of its research to understanding the causes of cancer and developing better diagnostics and treatments. During one outstanding weekend, August 20th-21st, 2011, thousands of women and men will unite in Brisbane in a bold display of courage, commitment and passion. It’s a weekend of hope, as we honour lives lost, celebrate survivors, and help support vital cancer research at QIMR.

    I’m contacting you today in hopes of getting you involved with this life changing event. Our main priority during this event is to maintain the health, safety and comfort of all of our participants while making a difference in the fight against all cancer. In order for this to happen we require approximately 35 Moto safety crew & volunteers throughout the course of the Weekend. Our Specialty Crew plays a crucial role in maintaining the safety of our participants during the event and your support this year would be highly valued and appreciated.

    The Moto safety team works with Road Dispatch staff and local law enforcement to guarantee safe passage for Riders during each day's route. Assisting at difficult intersections and other locations as the riders complete and amazing 200km throughout the Queensland countryside. This is a great opportunity for in an incredible cause to get involved in their communities and positively contribute their valuable skills.

    We really need your support to make this life-changing event happen!

    Thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to contact me if you are able to donate any of your time over the weekend.

    Ana Russell
    1300 11 7433
  2. heard about this on the radio a while back.
    if my bike's back on the road by then i'll put my hand up fo'sho

    will know for certain within a week
  3. I read that as you are going to conquer the people who volunteer. Like, to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!
  4. That sounds pretty interesting.

    Is there any pre requirements that you need the motorcyclist to have?
  5. I just fired of an email to Anna to find out exactly what they want. I will put my hand up if needed.
  6. Hey everyone, thanks for replying to my thread. There are no prerequisites really. You just need to be confident and comfortable on your bike and supply your own bike and insurance.

    Motosafety volunteers will have a team captain who will help coordinate the finer details closer to the event date. Then we will have a meeting on the evening of Friday 19th August to go prepare for the weekend. The team will then arrive on the Saturday morning, have breakfast and then head off along the route. Motosafety volunteers will assist with traffic, look out for riders along the route, update dispatch tent and cheer on the brave men and women of the Ride. To register there is a $50 fee (this offsets the cost of your t-shirt, 6 meals over the weekend and the overnight camp) To register you can call me on 1300 11 74 33. NB: You will be reimbursed for fuel at the event.

    I hope this answers some more questions... does anyone want to know anything specific?

    Hope you all have an amazing weekend and I am really excited to see some of you registered.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

  7. I just signed up. They only have 11 of the 35 required at this point.
  8. Thanks TRA :woot:

    We still have a few more months to go, but we need to get people registered asap!

    If we can rustle up another 10 people by the end of next week that would be amazing!!!

    Thanks for your support and have a great weekend
  9. hmm crashing in tents liek the pushy riders, or ride back to brissy?
  10. Just sent an email looking to sign up too. Hopefully will be interesting!
  11. Thanks Irish, I got your email I will call you today :dance: how are things working our for The Forgotten, are you free to help out? Benjamin you should definitely camp!!! That's the fun part, we will food, drinks :beer: and entertainment and the camp ground is beautiful! Anyone else in?? Come on guys its going to be awesome :grin:
  12. bike's ready to go, but having issues with rego. doing as much as i can within the constraints of working around my job but this could take a while :furious:
  13. No worries! Just call me when your ready and we will get your signed up. All the best with your rego : )
  14. Email sent.