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Ride to 2011 Phillip Island MotoGP

Discussion in 'NSW' started by JD1000, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. I'm heading down to the Island from Sydney on the Thursday before the race but would really enjoy some company on the way. I’m planning on over nighting somewhere in the mountains as there is no way I’m taking the hwy. Unfortunately my mates bailed on me. I do have a mate who is driving down in one day on the Thursday to take gear and set up for camping though.

    So if your going down over 2 days and wouldn’t mind an extra in your group and want to lighten your load let me know.
  2. Hey John,
    I'm in a similar spot, my mate got stuck working and isn't coming down til race day. I was tossing up between leaving Friday and taking 2 days or Thursday and taking 3 with better roads, but I'd be happy to merge. What's your route plan like? I had a 2-dayer sorted that went down the coast then pretty much straight west to the island taking in a few nice roads while keeping it efficient -
    I was planning on leaving Sydney at sparrows to avoid traffic and get a good start south. Let me know what you reckon. What are your accom plans? I'm camping highside this year to save a bit of money and get a bit more sleep (read:pussy lol)
  3. John,

    More than welcome to tag along with us if you like. There's just two of us going down (third guy is looking very unlikely). However we're planning to leave wednesday afternoon(maybe 3-4pm) to get a few hours under our belt. Then big push on Thurs down to Sale or Bairnsdale than on to the track Friday morning.

    Leave track after the race and get to Sale Sunday evening, then big push back to Sydney on the Monday.

    We did it last year and it was a blast (despite apalling weather!).

    Let me know if this sounds like a possibility.

  4. Hey Graham,
    Thanks a lot for replying. Sounds like a goer. I can leave wednesday arvo. I am going to pass through my home town on the way back but if you could tell me some more details for your trip down that would be great. Where are you staying on both nights? I'm assuming we should book. Also real keen to hear about the roads you will be taking.

    I live in Kellyville, in the Hills District how about you two? Wondering where we could meet.
    Heres hoping for some good weather. Thanks again for replying
  5. Hey John, I'm in the Hills too - but will probably be leaving from my work place which is in St Leonards.

    Here's a link to a little write up on last years trip which will give you an idea.

    Here's the route we took last year - we went via Delegate and the fantastic Bonang Highway on the way down and the coast road on the way back.

    We're not 100% sure on the route we are doing this year - may be exactly the same, maybe a detour via the snowy's (depends on the weather really). And whilst we're talking about weather, it simply can not be as bad as last year - so I'm taking that as a big positive!!

    We don't have accommodation booked for the way down yet (we are camping in Cowes when we are down there) - but I think this could be done fairly last minute when we get the route locked down.

    Let me know what you think,