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Ride time....

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Randall, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Anytimes a good time to fire up the cruiser!! I have a morning off....the sun is shining in Brisbane. Might take a ride up the hill to Mt Glorious.

    Gotta love the times when theres no planning....just go. See you when I come back down.

  2. Whens your next day off mate? I'm on holidays until 13 May. I'm keen for a good ride. I'm thinking about riding out to Dayboro and around the back of Warner, through North lakes to Scarborough and Redcliff and back home. No real twisties but should be a little scenic.
  3. Hope you enjoyed your ride Randell, was a great morning to be riding except I was riding to work. I have to go to Beerwah on sat morning, might go the long way via peachester.
  4. Evening Addict. Was a great ride today. Round trip just 107 klms but it was another fine ride day. Would love to share some road time with another cruiser rider. Im all over the circuit you propose. Yep, lets hook up for this. ill send you a PM.

    Cheers aaron, bummer about the work but some of us has to do it. I see your another local northside lad.....maybe you want to join us for a short ride soon? Up to you.
  5. Thanks Randall will take you up on that offer, as I said I am going up to Beerwah sat morning am going out to Woodford then over the range and if its too much fun will come back that way.
  6. Of course it will be far too much fun!!!
    Shoot me a P M anytime you want to join in with a ride.
  7. Fitted a small windscreen earlier today. A leftover that a mate swung my way. The guys in the group I went riding with last weekend reckon once you install one, you will never look back. I was skeptical but after two longer suburban runs today with a lot of highway, I`m sold. It smoothed out all the buffeting on the highway and gives a nice airflow free region right behind the screen that is pleasing. Mates reckon it can add up to 100klms further on a long trip. IMG_1468.JPG The shape suits the classic look and I`m leaving it on for a while to see if there are any downsides.
    The good part is that I got to ride today for hours. Bonus.
  8. Another awesome Sunday arvo weather wise so the cruiser came out to play. Did about 150 klicks around a big Brissy circuit with the new windscreen and its a goer. Took a bit of teaking with adjustments for the first 20 klicks but have found the sweet spot that is perfect. I`ve just about eliminated any wind hitting my helmut and torso. Improves 100 klm/hr buffeting heaps. These things actually work quite well. I`m leaving it on I reckon.
    Ride was great....traffic was low, no dickheads, bike purring, life is good.
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  9. Went for another circuit ride just now. Was perfect again. Windscreen is staying installed. Very pleased with it.
    Did another lazy 120 klicks today . Was thinking of you addict :) im getting bored riding by myself :)
  10. I did this mod on my xvs1100a I never liked the way the indicators were originally

  11. Hey Randell, the screen looks great I have been toying with the idea of one for mine. Can't wait till I get this Reno finished so I can come out and play on weekends.
  12. I would have loved to come for a ride today mate, but i've got the family here at the moment. Would love to hook up a ride one day this week, after monday mate.
  13. No worries Azza....as far as I know they are not going to rip up all the bitumen so there`s always next time :) Hope the renos go well and you can come out to play later.
  14. Family comes first Addict....specially because now you have a brand new son.
    When ever your ready buddy. Check your PM for contact details.
  16. It's pretty simple.

    remove the plastic chrome clip on thing, disconnect the wires, unbolt the indicator bar, remove the lights form the ends.

    Measure twice, cut once.

    be sure not to cut to much off so the domed back of the lights doesn't interfere with the shock shrouds.

    if you do this you will still be ADR compliant

    i modified the rear as well so i cut the front to match.

    flood 013.
  17. Thanks again for the heads up Clint. It is on my list of mods to do :)

    Went for another ride up to Mt Glorious this morning. There was a cop on a bike cruising around up there trying to bust anyone. The local riders at the coffee shop up there dont like him at all. He hangs around blind corners and pulls you over just to find something wrong and books you for it. Regardless of this, I had a good ride. Weather stayed dry and the twisties were awesome :)
  18. Going for a ride tomorrow with a group of riders on cruisers. Just a short Pokerun...but its a family and freinds ride so seeing as the weather in Brissy tomorrow will be perfect, I am expecting lots of riders. Really looking forward to this. Hows it going with some of you guys? Been for any rides lately? I`ve been stealing some road time whenever I can lately. No big rides.
    Ride safe guys!!!
  19. Half your luck Randell I have a big concrete pour in a couple of weeks so will be flat out tomorrow and next weekend getting ready, after that I should be able to find time to play with my toys.
  20. Probably going to go for a quick scoot out Dayboro tomorrow for a coffee. Hope the weather holds up and the wind dies down a little.