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ride thru Gippsland on Sunday

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Tack, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. I'm going down through Gippsland on Sunday if anyone wants to go....there should be little holiday traffic and dry roads compared to other areas. The worst bit is the trip down to start the good roads and obviously the trip back but there will be plenty of breaks. The break will be at Warragul as there is a nice pub there opposite to a park with quite a few other foods stores next to it. Anyway here's the details if your interested:

    Start...at 10 am.

    The McDonalds is on South Gippsland highway approximately 1 km from the exit off the South Gippsland Freeway, Lynbrook estate is on the right opposite the Mcdonalds and the servo. The McDonalds is right beside a Shell servo. A road intersects with the South Gippsland Highway right next to the servo and its called McDowall Road. There are traffic lights under construction there as well. Melways ref: 96 C11.

    My phone number is: 95690224 and mobile 0422 951 675.

    See you there at 10am.

    Run down of the route:

    From start at McDowall road to Nyora is 58 kms and will take approx 40 to 45 minutes.

    The first twisties start just out of Nyora heading to Poowong its 18 kms and will take approx 10 minutes, bit of a warm up, and we head into Korumburra and stop at the BP on the RHS as you enter the Town. There is Premium fuel here and we will have travelled 86 k’s from the start.

    From Korumburra we head straight back out the road we came in on and go to Warragul. The road to Warragul is very twisty in places and the road is quite challenging, it is 41 kms and will take you approx 25 minutes. As you come down out of the mountains and get onto the straight bits, you will be heading into Warragul. You will come to a huge round about….go straight on there…stay on main road till you come to a T intersection…turn left, then go over the railway bridge, then turn right at the round about and park on the right opposite the pub (right near a small park). We can stop here for a bit of lunch. Premium fuel is available here also and we will have travelled 127 kms from the start.

    From Warragul we head along the freeway to Trafalgar which is 21 kms away and will take about 13 minutes (BP servo on RHS where we turn at Trafalgar if you want fuel here…we will have travelled 148 kms from the start)….then we hit the mountains again and head towards Thorpedale but with a slight detour thru Narracan and then into Thorpedale and into Mirboo North. This is 39 kms and will take approx 26 minutes. There is fuel in Mirboo North but may not be Premium, we will have travelled 187 kms from the start.

    From Mirboo we head out along the famous Grand Ridge Road and through some very twisty bits buttttttt…there is TWO that’s 2 dirt patches in the road…the dirt patches are approx 10 metres long and are very smooth/hard packed surfaces with no stones on them (quit grippy as far as dirt goes for grip)…. they are separated by approx 50 metres of bitumen…they are around a right hand bend near the bottom of the valley approx 3 kms from where the road starts….there is approx 50 metres of bitumen to slow down on before you hit the patches after the bend….so just beware and anticipate. I want to stop here and put some florescent paint on the road leading to it so when I come this way again it’s marked. The trip is 41 kms and will take approx 40 minutes. We will have travelled 228 kms from the start.

    Then the trip home via Poowong through Nyora which is another 42 kms and then the trip home which is 86 kms. The trip home is a reverse of the way we came in. A total of 356 kms all up and is about 4.5 hours of riding at 80km/h average.

    Just things to watch out for in this area….it is a farming district so have to watch for sheep, cows and horses (maybe wombats and Roo’s as well and possibly a black panther). Although I have had no problems with any live stock in this area, they are still there.

    Be aware that farmers like to drive slow and some times in wide farm machinery. Some roads have no marked centrelines and locals like to use some of your side of the road when cornering.

    Hope you have a great day.
  2. I might be in for this... Seen my share of the spurs lately so time for something new.

    Let ya know later tonight.

  3. Well, we could have asked for a better day for this ride, but we wouldn't have got it. Apart from a few dewy, slightly damp roads here and there, conditions were perfect for a beautifully planned ride.

    Three votes to Tack for picking out such a great route, you really know your way around Gippsland mate - not to mention being embarrassingly quick in the twisties, throttling every bit of juice out of that gpx250.

    Omen was there on his brand spanker of an 05 Ninja 636, all of 300k on the clock. Undecided about whether to run it in gently like the service manual says or thrash the buggery out of it as the other school of thought goes, he picked something in between. I don't think that bike's going to have an easy life if today's ride was "taking it easy," but you can probably figure out which route we took today by following the trail of drool behind Omen.

    Bernie from the Kwaka riders club was there too, having altogether a bit too much fun with the fearsome acceleration on his ZZR1200, opening it up and scorching past the rest of us every time he saw a bit of straight road. Pillion Lauren was a good sport about it, but both Bren and I ended up with some bruised kidneys.

    Mine were from Cheng the Bandido Biatch, and were mainly due to my clumsy cornering in an effort to keep up with the others. Of course, then there was that quickish squirt down the rollercoaster section of the Grand Ridge Road...

    Note to self: get back to the grand ridge road again and do it reeeeeeal slow, that's some of the most beautiful land I've seen.

    Thanks for a top ride fellas!
  4. what you meant was that our ample and capably-enforced 100kph speed limit felt on occasions like 200kph, because we are all law abiding riders here :LOL:
  5. Struth, sorry, 1 and 2 are so close on the keyboard... Anyone could make that mistake.
  6. It was great fun and a good day... I enjoyed the people and conversation the most, but it was great to see the ZX6R...I loved that.

    Thanks to Loz, Chang, Omen, Bernie and lauren for coming along