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Ride through Vietnam?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Panthus, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Has anyone used a tour group to ride through Vietnam?

    Can anyone recommend one?

    Wont be going through any other countries just Vietnam so any tips from people who have actually done it is much appreciated.

  2. I used one called Easy rider. From Dalat to Hoi An.
    I hired a bike from the hotel I was staying and guide had his own. For them this was unusual as they usually pillion someone. F-that I said. They were worried that I couldnt handle there 110cc Semi auto scooter and its AWESOME power. You cant ride over 125cc in Vietnam.
    Thoroughly recommend them. Had a ball. PM me if you want more details.
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  4. thank you very much. Great starting point :)
  5. have you guys seen the kind of traffic in vietnam? When back in 2000 and was to scared to cross the road :LOL: People over there don't give a darm about lights (what lights) just the old hand signal. Just a word of warnning becareful not to hit anyone, as if they could see that your from over seas they will try to make money out off you and that just the cops :grin:
  6. a nice fat 50$ handshake will fix most problems, anything major calls for a 100+ :D, just do it right, put the note in your hand & put it out for a handshake, works like a charm in all Asian country's.
  7. The traffic is not to bad once you are amongst it, it is actually organized kaos
  8. I went to Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam in June this year.

    My friend and I hired scooters and road around Dalat. Did a longer trip in Cambodia from Kampot to Sihanookville and back.

    It's a fantastic way to see the countryside, highly recommended. I found the Easyriders overpriced. I would recommend hiring bikes and doing it yourself if you are doing a round trip. It's cheap to hire the bikes, and navigating is easy.

    If you want to know anything else send me a PM. :)
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  10. Thailand

    I was going to start a thread but its basically the same question, different country!

    I am going to be in Thailand jan/feb 08. Just wondering if people have been, what their experience was, as well as... can you buy decent open face helmets there, did you wear draggins, etc.

    Thinking about joining in on one of these tours..


    Good luck with your trip Panthus.. should be awesome !!!!!!! :twisted:
  11. Danielle if you do a search of Thailand on forum, this is a well covered topic, as there is fair few that have done it. Its a fanatastic place to ride and as far as hiring goes, piece of piss. You can PM if you want and I will tell you little I know :grin:
  12. SE asia biking

    offroadvietnam and motorbikethailand come highly recommend by us; admittedly they are our associates but before we get accused of advertising we don't receive any benefit from recommending their tours ;-) (we don't like the asia commission bandwagon at all)