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Ride through Natio

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Guru, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Well today jp86 and myself went for a ride through the natio. Went over the sea bridge, through natio then had lunch in sutho and came back the same way.

    Saw a guy ride into the bushes prolly cause he went into the corner too fast but he seemed ok as he pulled out again and rode home infront of me. All in all was a great first experience off a proper ride.

    If any other Wollongong riders(preferably Leaners so i dont get whooped by jp again lol) are keen we might go again next saturday.




  2. Post it up, I wouldn't mind a gentle amble through the province of the greenies :LOL:.
  3. Today was lots of fun, thanks for coming Guru! Riding through the Natio has become almost addictive for me, I need a weekly fix! I was a bit bummed with the amount of cars on the road today, so frustrating.

    Wasn't sure what happened with that CBR250RR that went into the bushes in front of me, I was going the same speed and easily made the corner, perhaps he fixated on the bushes (target fixation) and thats where he ended up! He managed to stay on the bike so all was good.

    Soon you'll be leaning more in the corners and and I'll be struggling to keep up on my little 250 :p. If hornet600 is kind enough, he might give us some cornering lessons, I've seen him ride, and he certainly can corner :grin:
  4. I'd be delighted :).
  5. I do shift work ,It's pretty easy to get a few hours in up the Nasho and back home any day of the week.

    So post up if you get weekdays off etc ,im just sitting at home doing nothing . :wink:
  6. Yeah for sure we'll post it next time.

    Us boys are definately going on the Appin ride next Sunday, so going Nasho on saturday might mean a bit too much riding, but then again is there such a thing? lol

    If any of you more experienced riders from Wollongong would like to chaperone us on the Appin ride, that would be much appreciated!
  7. I'm not sure if Im working for not next sunday for the Appin ride ,but if I got the day off we could meet up and ride up together.
    Im at Bellambi ...just moved down here so looking for people to ride with ,I'm no speed freak, so happy just to cruise along.

    Guru I can't PM you back ..not allowed :oops: .
    So Pm me your mobile and I'll send you mind ,or just leave a PM the night before ,if you thinking about heading up the nasho for a ride or any where else.

    Cheers Sled.
  8. Wouldn't mind joining in!

    Though the Tiger's due for its service, hrrrrrrm.
  9. Post it up mate! :grin:
  10. a ride through the nasho is worth it. and i live in manly! :grin:

    the only problem is that great looking sea bridge is over before you know it......they should have made it 5 k's long at least :LOL:


    what time did you go? I've done it early and the roads are still a little non-grippy....
  11. Good to hear ur enjoying urself, i too posted up a trip me and a mate did up there for the first time. We go regularly and going next weekend if weather is prime. Or maybe Kiama for a change, dont know yet.

    That bridge is the best and so true its over soo quick depending on ur speed :grin:

    Last weekend when we went we rode further through Natio and decided to turn down G..... Beach, cant remember but man is it nice down there, heaps flashy, im keen to go there again next time.

    Time wise i think afternoon is when people come out 2-3pm.

    Post up expression in ride planner and il keep an eye out.
  12. Gerringong is the place you went, lovely joint

    I have a four o'clock committment in Goulburn for the next 5 Sundays, but Saturdays are free!
  13. We left North Gate maccas at 11.30. We stopped for lunch in Sutho for about 40mins and were back in Gong by maybe 2.30-3 at the latest. We had planned to meet a little earlier, but I was late as I was getting my chain tightened from Trevor Jordan as it was looser than Lindsay Lohans asshole.

    Are you guys free during the week? Maybe a wed or friday arvo? Its not that long a trip so maybe we could squeeze it in somewhere. If not, saturday may be the go, then back it up to Appin on sunday :)
  14. Hey, me and Jp are doing another ride through the nasho on Saturday the 23rd. Meeting at North Gate maccas at 11am. Then having lunch up in Sutho then riding back. Ill post it up in the events forums too.
  15. Tim ..if the G.... beach was IN the nasho it would of been Garie beach.

    Watch out for the Deer down there and the white pointers ON the beach. :wink:

    I got tommorrow and next friday off ,would be keen to do a run around noon..> bald hill or ,mac pass to visit Hornett at TFRPS.
  16. I cant do tomorrow but im keen for a ride on friday. ill pm you my number
  17. Yep thats the one im sure. DEER :shock: I would of thought there would be more mountain goats by the look of the place haha.

    I cant make tomorrow either :(