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"ride though"

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by wang chung, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. Anyone get maccas, KFC via the drive through on a bike?
    do the pimply faced kids look at you funny and then soon as you leave they all get together and crack jokes?

    "huh-huh huh-huh, what a dork"

  2. Nar they don't, you just got to lower your helmet enough that you can speak clearly through to the mic and get your change ready, with the gloves on. :wink:

    and...oh yeah, use a tank bag.
  3. hmm can u get helmets that have cup holders equipped on either side?
  4. COOL

  5. I go thru the drive thru most times on the bike. Pull up to the window, open boot, get out purse and $$$, place items in the boot, close boot, ride home.... too easy :D

    My only restriction is getting a meal from Hungry Jacks or maccas, they serve their drinks in cups instead of cans/bottles and I haven't worked out how to balance a cup yet ;)
  6. 1 hand on coke, 1 hand on bike.
  7. I'm so glad you said "COKE" :shock:
  8. Huh. whys that? what would of happend if i said fanta, orange juice, lemonade, diet coke, pepsi or mountain dew?
  9. Who knows? On these forums, it would have turned to smut anyway you said it :p
  10. Wouldnt it just get moderated :(
  11. If you ride carefully the cokes don't spill in the boot of the across. I pulled off 3 meals 3 drinks no spillages, then again I tried doing 1 meal 1 drink another time and my boot was subsequently very sticky for a few weeks
  12. I did ride-through banking this morning :LOL:

    Pull up at the atm, get card out of pocket, do banking, card and cash back in pocket and ride away!!

    Got some funny looks from a few peoples.... 8)
  13. Tried this in a cage once, it's a bit hard harder but still do-able :D
  14. Have you tried getting a drink holder for the bike? :)

    BMW actually has it for some of their bikes.

  15. depends how subtle you are ;)
    Inuendo is a wonderful thing :D
  16. The other times you try walk-thru's when your pissed! :)

  17. your next bike should be a BMW then.
    They actually make certain toruers with cup holders.
  18. I go through the drive thru bottle shop all the time.

    Ride in, sling him some cash, slab on tank and away we go. My nephew got done by the cops recently for this balancing act. They did him for removing his hand from the bars or some crap, I think they just weren't too impressed with the whole idea to start with and the L plate wouldn't have helped much either I spose.
  19. He definitely needs a BMW :LOL: My old K series could hold a full slab in the panniers (and that's the small ex-cop city panniers). I suspect that's what those Bavarians designed it for...

    Scooters are good too. When I was at uni (many) years ago I had a mate with a Vespa who could fit an amazing amount of beer on the floor boards.
    The best effort was 2 cases of wine in front & 2 pillions on the back to go from the Regatta Hotel (Brisbane) to the Uni. :roll:

  20. Dammit!! I tried to forget that incident :shock: :LOL: