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Ride This Sunday the 11th.

Discussion in 'VIC' started by quicksilver1050, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. Hi All, Sorry for the short notice!!!!!, Will be going on a ride that is starting at Cranbourne at the Mobil Servo on the hwy near Bunnings at 9.00am leave at 9.30am head down to Lang Lang the inland to Poowong to Warrigal to Noojee for lunch then back towards Powelltown, Warby and Wori Yallock back to Pack.

    This will be a cruise not a sprint will be taking new riders with me on this one but you will have to have a bit of nouse about riding will be a long ride.

    anymore info pls ring 0488545063.


  2. MPMC ride will be about 15 min's ahead of you (but covering a greater distance) who knows our paths might cross :?:
  3. Late reply, I know, but I reckon I'll be there for this one. Been itching for a decent ride and I think the stars have finally aligned to give me enough time off. :p

    I'll give you a bell in the morning Hendo, if I can't find you or otherwise. :)
  4. nupe all good mate will see you there
  5. Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap!!

    I've been planning to do that route for ages now, but I'm working today.

    Enjoy guys
  6. Me too, I feel your pain :)

    Oh well all is not lost i'll go for a fang after work! :biker:
  7. How did ya day turn out ? Top day on the bike.. And Noojee is a great regular little haunt of mine for lunch also. Top spot.
  8. Great ride today quicksilver and a very tasty lunch also the pace was just right but on a sour note sorry about your mate nothing worse then coming into a corner to hot and dumping you into the bush,but its looks like he will be ok bruised leg and a bruised ego and of course the bike can be repaired.

    Best regards
  9. Thanks for a good ride guys! Good company and good fun - good food at Noojee too, as usual. :LOL:

    But seriously, glad I finally got the Tuono out on a proper ride. Hopefully catch y'all on the next ride too, eh? :grin:
  10. Thanks Folks, yep good ride today had a blast, yeah its a shame about my workmate he's a big boy he'll get over it, once again thanks guys hope to see you on the road again soon.
  11. Sorry i missed it! had a few drinkies sat nite didnt rise till late doh
  12. Piss poor excuse mate!!!! :grin: :grin: , you missed out on a good one mate.
  13. Its meant to be a repeat next weekend weatherwise, just do a re-run. :cool: , Infact the whole week looks superb! to good to work argggh
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.