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Ride the Dandenongs This Saturday 24th August

Discussion in 'VIC' started by GarethKInvestigates!, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. If anyone is interested a few of us were talking last night and I'm organising a spurt up in the Dandenongs this weekend. Meet at Stud Park Mc Donald's (Stud Road, Rowville) 3PM Saturday 25th of August, leaving no later than 3:30PM. It's just a spur of the moment thing so no definites about the roads we take or how long we ride for - we'll organise that on the day ;p Mostly likely tourist road to Sassafrass and beyond.

  2. I'd be interested, however I'm unsure what time I will be availaible.
    What kind of level or riding would you rate it?
    I'd consider myself between begginer and intermediate.
    Maybe out of modesty (doubtful :) ) and/or I'm still learning to get used to the new bike.
  3. Would consider the tourist road "Easy". Just be sure to do mountain highway "Easy if you're not flogging it".
  4. Everyone's welcome we'll stop regularly to allow everyone to keep up.
  5. Hmm.. sounds good.
    But now I've just learnt that a halfbrother from coloumbia is in town and might have lunch with him.
    Being a 330pm meet I might just make it.
    Pm me your details so if I think I can make it in time I'll call ya.
    Also selling some stuff and have people picking stuff up so will see how it goes.
    Whats the closest intersection so I can find it on the map.
  6. Melway pg 81 J1

    Heading away from city up Wellington Rd, turn left onto Stud Rd, head up it's on your right.
  7. I may be there as im on a ride today around the dandenongs and if it finishes a bit early ill drop by maccas and go for another one :D
  8. unable to make this one. Sorry.
  9. Weather is sensational ;p
  10. I'll be there or in the Dandenong's already
  11. I might show up today, although my skills are only really beginner/intermediate.
    If you decide on taking some of the more challenging roads that's ok, just let me know and I will take an alternate route home.

    Edit: Nevermind, I have other things that I need to get done this arvo
  12. Ok I'm heading off now.
  13. waaaaahh

    Im sure on my way home from work I saw most of you coming down the mountain.Boo Hoo :cry:
  14. was a great ride wish i didnt have to leave so early was hoping to do the spur as well altho it was annoying riding home in the dark with a tinted visor

    sassafrass -> olinda -> monbulk -> emerald -> maccalsfield (or something like that) -> launching place -> warburton
  15. Hey guys, thanks for rocking up hope you enjoyed it I have to admit the roads out that way are great fun and some of the windy backroad sections sans traffic and cops were fantastic.

    I'm convinced I must buy a TomTom those things rock.

    Hope to hit the road for a longer ride probably through the spur next time.