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Ride Sunday 4th of May

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Roarin, May 2, 2008.

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  1. Well now, things have been pretty hectic for me the last couple of months so I reckon it's about time I headed out to burn some petrol & shred some rubber :grin: :grin: Let off some steam so to speak. I have Sunday off, the weather looks OK so what better excuse do we need?
    The plan is to meet at the inbound Westgate Shell servo at 9:30am & head off from there.
    There is no official planned route but the roads we will take in will include Mountain Highway, out towards Emerald, Upper Beaconsfield, Maybe Pakenham upper (hehehehe I love that name -Pakenham Upper) Gembrook launching place road, Warburton, Reefton Spur & maybe Lake Mountain.
    And no -I have no idea what time I will be at any particular place so don't bother asking :) :) I have no idea how many km's we will do or what time we will finish but I do know that I have to be home ready for work Monday morning. And there wil be plenty of tight twisty roads involved let me assure you :grin: :grin: And it will be fun. So see ya's all there. Or maybe not.

    PS If wheelies, stoppies, major peg scraping & general tom foolery is likely to offend you, then maybe this is not the ride for you :wink: :wink:

    PPS I will be riding my chook chaser so rest assured speeds will not be excessive & I don't mind waiting here & there. Cheers


    The Puffing Billy Great Train Race is on on 4 May.
    DO NOT go anywhere near any roads between Belgrave and Emerald.
  3. might be a goer for this...was thinking of heading out south gippy tomorrow anyway....but might join you on this....pending on how the drinks go tonight

    Will sms you tomorrow morning if i plan to joi ya, (but will met you out this side of town) :wink:
  4. Sorry peoples -can't make this one. Have to work tomorrow to finish off a shutdown I have been working on. B#gger damn & hell. Try again another time. Cheers all
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.