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ride suggestion for tomorow

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by CampbellS, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. Going to go a ride tomorrow. Live in the western suburbs (wyndham vale)

    Where can I go a good ride on some nice twisty roads?

    Went down to apollo bay last week. I know there are some nice runs in the hills around that area but want to try somewhere new.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Welcome, as your stuck like me on the flat and boring side of town, its a good hour to any sort of hill or twisty.

    Head to the Dandenongs if you really want the windy stuff. Just don't get yourself killed doing it.

    And I personally (being a pussy), wouldn't recommend doing it on your own (if that's your intention). Always good to have a buddy with you.

    Google for Reefton or Black spur. Have fun.
  3. been over there in the car a few times. I know its a nice area. Bit wet this time of year Id have thought tho being dense forestry isnt it?
  4. Yes, can be wet and treacherous due to the forest etc.. By Sunday should be sweet. Just needs to dry out after the last few days rain. Tomorrow may not be so flash still. Maybe wait a few weeks, depends on your confidence factor.
  5. Im fairly confident. But dont wanna go hammering it in wet conditions. Would rather go somewhere its nice and dry or at least mostly dry. Nice day today. Maybe itll dry out a bit. Is there anywhere else I could go for a good ride? Think I may end up at the hills down the great ocean rd. But Id like to go somewhere I havent been before. Im new to Australia/Melbourne and still learning where the good roads are.
  6. If you're in Wyndham Vale I wouldn't contemplate going the other side of the city for a ride.

    Lots of excellent roads out to the west and the north from you. Head out for Anakie, Thompson Road over to Steiglitz Road, Maude-Sheoaks to Maude, back around to Meredith, maybe over to Ballan, Blackwood, Trentham, Springhill, over to Moto Bean Cafe at Malmsbury, lunch and coffee, out on the Old Calder back to Kyneton, Woodend, off on the Ashbourne road and home whichever way takes your fancy: maybe through Bacchus Marsh?
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  7. There are some OK roads in the Brisbane ranges in the areas around Steiglitz, Anakie, Maude and Glenmore, but don't expect classic twisties.
    Same kind of thing heading north from Bacchus Marsh to Gisborne, Mt Macedon, and Lancefield to either Redesdale or Pyalong. If you can get as far as Seymour, have a go at Highlands Road.
    This is all mostly open country, should be fine and sunny Friday.
  8. thanks guys Ill have a look at these on google maps when I get a minute.
  9. +1 for Stieglitz, great area and some great roads, if you are going as far as Stieglitz you could go that extra bit and do the Great Ocean Road.
  10. I am gunna have to head out there (Stieglitz) myself and check it out. Till now, I have only ever headed East of Eltham in the search for bends. And always with the NR crew on group rides.
  11. Not so much twistys, but a lovely destination - The Grampians are worth a look
  12. sometimes there is great joy in long sweepers as much as in tight twisties.

    if your heading north, make your way to woodend and then head over mt Macedon via Mt Macedon road from the north side and then go through Barringo via Syndicate road, then through to riddells creek. I'd head through to romsey via Kerrie(Mt Eliza Rd) and on to Lancefield, Broadford, Strath Creek, kinglake, whittlesea back to Clarkefield via Kongaderra Road. Head south towards Melbourne and take a left on to gellies road then turn right into Wildwood Road and follow it to bulla. Down the Dip, and go the Diggers Rest Road then a quick run up the freeway to gisborne and back home from there.

    Failing that I'd take a highway run and do coast to lorne, then head up deans marsh or go to skeenes then back inland.

    I do know people who have done grampians as a day trip.
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