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Ride Starved Newbie

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Floyd Lover, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Anyone on the Sunny coast that could take pity on a Newbie itching for some tarmac time:busting:. I've been practising my slow riding and figure 8's around my street but there's only so much of that I can handle without some decent rides to break it up. I'm still a bit weary of riding in the rain untill I get a decent amount of hours under my belt so if its raining I won't be going. I have this coming Sunday (23rd) free along with Australia Day and every Sat/Sun after that. I'm not looking for a marathon 1 to 2 hours is fine with me i just wanna get some experience. I understand not being able to go out on your own on L's in QLD but dam I'm jealous of the other states where you don't need an escourt.](*,)

  2. I didn't get your post until I read the last line - I was gonna say "Just get out there".
    That shit sucks balls - hope you get an escort soon...
  3. I didnt realise qld had such a stupid law im now gratefull i did my liscence in nsw sory i cant help you mate.
  4. I understand the reasoning as I'm the first to admit that I can't ride for sh!t but it really sucks to hear all the bikes go past on the weekend. To be honest the only thing stopping me from getting my "born to be Wild" on is the fact that if I get pulled over without a chaperone its instant loss of licence.
  5. I don't.
    When I teach my son to drive I can reach the steering wheel, gearshift and handbrake. I can also talk him through situations and warn him of things he needs to "think about".
    I just don't get how a riding chaperone helps - riding is learning, until you hang up the helmet.
  6. Why don't you just do a q-ride course and get your RE's?
  7. yeah , he has a point, it only 1 day and your done
  8. Qride is also easy, as its not an exam but rather a compentency based assessment.
  9. I was under the impression that you had to have your L's for 6 months before you can upgrade to P's even with doing a Qride, will have to investigate further.
  10. Unless things have changed you can have you L's for 2 minutes then do your QRide. You will get an RE license and be allowed to ride on your own on any LAMS motorbike. You will have to go back in 12 months and do another course (Qride or Dept. Transport test) to get your R license as I don't believe they automatically update after a certain time frame like they used too.To stop people who don't ride on their RE to automatically step up to any bike they want in 12 months time without any further training/testing/riding.
  11. Yeah, thats true.
    When I got my learners, I jumped on my bike the next day and did the Q-Ride and got my licence.

    Go and do it, man !!!!! :)
  12. yeah same, got Ls on monday , and was on q ride on wednesday .
  13. Son of a big arsed biatch. Reread the stuff on gov website and yea all you gotta do is the Qride. Typical bloody timing. Lost my job 2 weeks ago (GFC hurt but the floods broke the companies back), I've got another job to go to but the $ are really crap, enough to pay bills but only just so its gunna be hard to justify the cost.
  14. Most aren't too expensive. It'll really fast track your riding. I booked my Q-ride before I even got my L's. Then I got my L's a few days before Q-ride and that was that. Straight after Q-ride I went to QLD Transport to upgrade to RE's and the day after I bought a bike.

    Technically all the course does is gives you a cert that tells you that you can competently ride at RE level. When you leave you're technically still a learner, just with a fancy piece of paper. Go to QLD transport and have your license upgraded.
  15. I reckon QLD has the best laws.

    You have a choice of staying on your learners for like 6 months, then going for a cheap test. This is the cheap route


    Going to Q-ride and getting your restricted license within 1-2 days. You can get your license on the same as you got your learners. (skipping the whole L phase)
    This is more expensive.

    Hold your restricted for 1 year and go for another test. Then you get your unrestricted and can ride whatever u want... (Dont need to wait 3 years like other states
  16. Well I've booked the Qride and have have a week to practice everything, mainly my hill starts really. I just hope the weather holds out between now and Sunday.
  17. cool will have to organise a ride once ya pass
  18. you will be fine with qride.... easy

    they will make you do it till ya get it, it hard to fail qride.
  19. Yeeeeeehaaaa passed my Qride and had my license upgraded today after work so I am free and legal to ride on my own WHENEVER i dam well please. Hot dam I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
  20. Congrats mate. I bet it feels great to be released into the wild. Enjoy but ride safe. Hopefully see you on a ride soon.