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Ride Smart Online

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Spotman, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Hi all,
    Couldn't find this on here anywhere so thought I'd add it.

    This site http://ridesmartonline.com.au/ is set up by TAC and has a bunch of free online modules on motorcycle safety.

    They are mostly videos where you have to spot hazards, choose actions etc.
    Even though it's a Victorian organisation anyone can register and do them for free.
    Whilst a bit repetitive I think it is a pretty good resource.

  2. Oh dear..........
  3. Here in these parts we don't take too kindly to folk talking about the TAC in a positive light.

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  4. Wasn't suggesting people donate $$ to them, just looked at the value of the learning.
    No political agenda here, just trying to help other riders.
  5. what he said......
  6. In Vic, donations to this lot are compulsory (special mc levy added onto rego).
    Appreciate the intent. But, also important is thinking about the info you're being fed.

    For example, Exercise 1:
    "Braking at this speed while leaning into a turn will cause loss of control and a crash."
    What is wrong with this advice in context of Exercise 1?
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  7. Any resource that promotes to riders the notion of hazard perception is a good thing (y) The modules seem to be aimed at new / returning riders so the take-home messages have been designed to avoid overcomplicating things.
    Good on you for taking the time to explore for more learning materials about riding and for sharing :)
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  8. Cheers Fractalz.
    I'm sure there are "points of contention" in the material as Nightowl pointed out, however from a safety perspective (not just motorcycling) something that gets people looking pro-actively for hazards and thinking about how they can control them is surely a good thing.
    This forum generally supports that thinking instead of "victim mentality".
    It is definitely aimed at new riders, and should be taken in that context.
  9. i'm not even a mexican but i know bad mexican food when i see it, and this smells horrible.

    a organisation that is known for blaming the rider trying to get people to register to practice avoidance technique's and be educated on how you should view riding?
  10. I'm out...sorry for posting, won't happen again.
    Safe riding everyone.
  11. spotman, you are fine....no issue with you - your reasonably new here so you can't be expected to know you'd receive such a response from people....but there's a long history involving riders & the TAC which has resulted in such an attitude on nearly anything they dish out that's related to riders/riding.
  12. please don't and obviously you need to polish up your searching skills.
    TAC is verboten when it comes to helping motorcyclists.
  13. Don't worry mate, my post was a joke, more aimed at the anti-TAC sentiment you were going to receive rather than at you. The resource you posted seemed OK and well worth a learner going through. But there is good reason for the TAC hatred. You can't really be expected to understand the relationship between motorcyclists and a governing body other than your own. And the relationship between the TAC and Victorian Riders is with good cause one of the worst relationships on the planet.
  14. At least the competition with this seems legit. A friend just won the $300 voucher.
  15. I got s lovely letter in the mail expousing the wonderful online ridesmart program.

    Samantha Cockfield (Senior Manager Road Safety somewhere?) tells me how I will die unless I complete the program.

    Disappointingly Samantha doesn't actually admit where she works or give an address so I am unable to send her my thoughts on the program, or a perfectly formed turd in a paper bag :poop:
  16. You should give it a try. Most of the time stuff dosen't work and you have to redo half of it again.