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Ride Smart CD

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by speedyTX3, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. Hi all, I'm soon to get my L's and am on here gathering as much as I can about riding and things to take in to consideration before applying for my L's.

    Ive come across the Ride Smart CD and would like to take a look at it and see if i can pick up more info from it before I start riding. However, the order form is restricted to Victorians only and I'm unable to get it in SA. I know that road rules might be different from state to state and what not therefore resulting to VIC residents only.

    So my question is, does anyone have a copy of the CD or can make a copy and send it my way?

    This is the link to the CD if you don't know what I'm on about.

    and finally, to those who already went through the CD, was it very helpful to them and did they gain anything from it?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. +1... the cd isn't available in the ACT either. :(
  3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Below is link which outlines how to get CD interstate.

    Anyone know how I can get my hands on a copy of that "Introduction to Ride Smart" CD in NSW? Seems the site linked to above is for Vic residents only...



    Here is actual post within thread:

    RideSmart CD just arrived Thank you, robotic processing system!

    "Sir, are you in Victoria?"

    "Yes, Sydney NSW 2000, Victoria."

    "A'ight then."

    Speedy, I have just got my L's and found the CD very helpful in learning the hazards to be aware of when riding and the importance of road positioning and positioning near cars.
  4. :LOL: Was going to post that, but you've beaten me to it.
  5. hmm id send you it if i could find it... threw it around somewhere :oops:

    the cd was ok but could have been alot better.. I would have benefited with more discussions from ordinary riders about problems they've run into, tips about gear, where to get it, and maybe statistics or something to help me manage risks better?

    How would you improve it?
  6. cheers guys! very helpful!

    bit of a late reply coz i had a formal on hehe.

    now we sit around and wait for it to come around :p
  7. just filled out the form and sent it... hopefully it should get to canberra :grin:
  8. Speedy, im also in Adelaide and interested in the cd. My bro lives in Melb, that could come in handy me thinks.
    Any chance of you spinning a copy my way if it does come? If not ill get my bro to spin us both a copy :wink:
    Btw - im in same situation, going for L's soon (Jan for me). Good luck!
  9. yeh no worries, if it comes ill pm you! :wink:
  10. I found the ride smart CD to be very good. I would recommend it to any learner rider out there.
  11. the CD has arrived, i cant pm you coz i need at least 20 posts but if you have an msn account add me or you can just e-mail me on techno.beatz@gmail.com
  12. Sent u an email.
    Thanks heaps.
    Best of luck going for the license!
  13. I found the CD ok

    problem is the graphics are old and grainy and setup for 800x600 resolution...best to change your monitor when using it or ot'll look small.

    and remember to make note of where vehicles are as well as the colour. in the tests... things are marked wrong if you get the colour of the vehicle wrong.

    i never really look at the colour much when i'm riding.. just if it's there or not,

    idea is good though and quite good for reference..... i used it to basically understand things or reinforce what i should be doing...then went out and practiced...PC screen only does so much and i couldn't find the mouse to click while on the bike :LOL:
  14. I have a copy of the CD and it doesn't have a copyright logo on the cardboard sleeve and there is no EULA (end user license agreement) as it doesnt require an install. Is it ok to provide a link if I upload the .iso to rapidshare for our interstate members?
  15. I have no idea on the legalities... but if you do post it somewere, i would sure appreciate it!!!
    Let me know :grin:
  16. Onya Cowboy Mac :applause: :applause:

    Plus you introduced me to rapidshare, which doesn't seem to have a download monthly data limit..gooooodie
  17. ok, I'm posting this with good intentions to help other riders as it is not available interstate. (500MB total)

    edited: check a few posts down for a site that doesnt restrict daily downloads per IP address.
  18. It only let me download once... then it said i have reached the maximum for free users... Grah.
    Any advice?
  19. Just follow the link on the other page and order a copy, just say ur address is whatever in Adelaide, SA, Victoria

    I know it works as i am in Sydney and i got a copy sent to me the other day i just gave my full address and said i was in Vic.

  20. Might be easier if that works!