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Ride Smart CD-ROM

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kitt, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. So have we all gone to www.spokes.com.au
    and ordered our free Ride Smart cd-rom ?? :-k

    I think it's a brilliant idea , well done TAC :applause:

    In the word of NIKE .. Just Do IT !!! :wink:

  2. Got a letter sent from TAC the other day (got L's end of March) mentioning that I could order it from the website. Not sure if it is the same as one I borrowed from a guy at work but will just have to wait & see.

  3. Does anyone know if QLD are offering this and how to access? I have googled and will continue to but thought maybe someone else had found this info. Would be interested in looking at CD.

  4. Good topic
    I have mine but haven't got around to doing it
    Worth it though
    on completion you can go into the draw to get $200 to spend on safety gear
    My friend did it and got the cash, as did all of his friends who did it apparently ..... perhaps lucky but there seems to be a good chance
    Obviously the primary benefit is making us better riders though :]
  5. Must be good odds- I never win anything and managed to win the $$ for safety gear.
  6. Thanks for the info!

    old biker
  7. TAC are idiots.. why post me an envelope with a brochure FOR a cd telling me I can get one, when you could've just sent out the freaking cd itself.
  8. ^^^ It would be for two reasons, firstly some riding trainers give new riders the CD when they pass the test. Secondly not everyone wants the CD.

    Why would TAC send out expensive CDs to people who already have them, or don't want them? Doesn't it make sense to let people know about the CD with a brochure, and then they can order one if they're interested....
  9. Hm I have to agree with sunrise .... CDs are cheap as thesedays, if they cut back on the glossy stuff & just sent CDs more of us would have them.
    Whether that would mean more of us doing them not sure .....
    anyway enough talking i'm going for a ride :]
  10. I agree that the CD juz shouldv'e been sent out , but it wasn't :-k

    so let's juz build a bridge and get over it :p ..

    And Order the CD :twisted: