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Ride Safe CDROM to download

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jisk, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. Spokes.com.au have a ride safe CDROM available for VIC residents. Probably old news for some of you...

    It sounds like it has some good info on it, does anyone know if it is available to download from somewhere, or can someone in VIC share it via BitTorrent?

  2. bloody hell those ads are full on, problem is, most drivers would probably laugh at them, sad but true
  3. I have a copy, haven't looked at it yet. May be able to duplicate it for you though, will have to check the terms of use ;)
  4. Interesting that the 1 in 4 ad shows a bike lane splitting...
    Thought that it was illegal.
  5. Are those ads running on TV down in Vic? Would be nice if we could get the RTA to run them or something similar in NSW, especially the 'Vice Versa' one.

    Also, anyone know were non Victorians can get a copy of the training CD?
  6. I am sure someone in VIC with a copy could burn it for you :p
  7. I don't like those ads. Makes me want to sell my bike and never ride on the road again.
  8. I haven't watched the ads... I don't want to freak myself out. I'm more than careful enough. I just want to learn.

    Cowboy Mac - PM reply sent. Thanks mate.
  9. Yeah I just watched the ads, I remember seeing them years ago, they are full on and should definitely be shown again.
  10. If you make it through to the end of the cd, you can register online to win a prize.

    I completed the cd over 6 months ago, and was very surprised to win a $200 voucher towards bike gear last month!

    (probably vic residents only tho)
  11. Vice versa is very good!

    @ Jisk: You should watch them, anyone can benefit from them you never know you could come across one of these situations and not know what to do!