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Ride report Putty, 10 mile, Broke, Wollombi, Old Pac and goodbye

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Oldmaid, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. #1 Oldmaid, Feb 13, 2016
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    The night was hot and muggy and all through the house, was the sound of my snoring, gawd it sounds grouse!
    Then I woke up this morning and to my sheer surprise, the sun it was shining , not a cloud in the sky.

    So threw on the herman munsters and Zeddee and I fanged up to Maccas at McGrath's. Met up with Andrew WestAndrew West , GeorgeOGeorgeO , DrSleepyDrSleepy , wby 1wby 1 and Damo1974Damo1974 . After playing gut roulette with a delightful mcsomeththing or rather, something resembling coffee we were good to go.
    Andrew WestAndrew West kindly led with GeorgeOGeorgeO TEC.

    Now DrSleepyDrSleepy had a grin like cheshire cat...his seeeeeexy Daytona was a delight to behold...he has found the ultimate way to keep mossie numbers low and beat the Aedes aegypti put a stop the ole Zika virus...Add one Daytona, plus one DrSleepyDrSleepy , a nice stretch of road at $1.50 ish and bingo problem solved. I am writing to Susan Ley as we speak ;)

    So off up the Putty and everyone road beautifully. For me it was the first good ride in a month and the very first time I felt a sense of symbiosis with Zeddee. The ride felt fan-friggin-tastic, cornering was unreal and giddyup just great. I realised it was 8 weeks since I bought Zeddee AND 18 months since I rode a bike for the first time.

    And so onto Grey Gums...it was pretty quiet when we pulled in. Thank you sweet baby jesus :woot: all the sensible riders parked on the concrete slab...but stupid oldmaid thought, mmm that shade up the end near that gumtree looks mighty fine. So I fanged up, went to put the side stand down and it sank a good couple of inches, so I thought okay maybe if I turn and go over ... whoops fck me dead, down like a sack of shit in the sand.
    YAY I finally dropped Zeddee thank god! A monkey off my back. All these French scooter guys raced over to help the "damsel" not in distress. I wasn't proud but so relieved to have finally dropped the bike. Dirty and dusty but I managed to hit the kill switch as I rolled inelegantly out of the way...everyone helped heave Zeddee up.
    Thanks guys.
    Have a go at this mother of a sausage roll- more like a meat loaf or sausage wellington! GeorgeOGeorgeO u fortunately had to leave us here, so I went TEC.
    So after a food refuel or a fluid in and out, off to 10 mile. I was enjoying TEC until I came to a corner, saw three bikes on the side of the road, a guy over the other side of the fence...I thought fck, one of our guys has come off, a guy then went to cross the road in front of me...then I saw a banner against the rock face on my left, saying Keogh Photography. I was so mega pissed at them setting up on that spot I really gave that guy a spray! Stupid dumb arse fckers!
    So once my adrenalin dropped back to normal we all met up to fix up my flapping side mirror, a minor casualty from the play in Grey Gum sand pit and to repair Damo1974Damo1974 's brake light.
    Andrew WestAndrew West and Damo1974Damo1974 left us here.

    And then there were three. So we headed up to Broke. What a glorious ride! Everything is so green and creeks that would normally be dry as a nun's had a nice steady flow happening. The hint of sandstone escarpment against the brilliant blue sky, combined with the green leafy skyline was just so lovely.
    Then onto Wollombi. This was a great road but a little tight when a truck hurtled along on the other side of the road...ehhhhh har time.

    A quick liquid drop at the Wollombi pub and then onto Calga and the Old Pac.

    Then wby 1wby 1 had to head off so DrSleepyDrSleepy and I headed off to Estuary for a nice cuppa. Beautiful spot.

    A great ride and could be my very last ride in Sydney. I do love that ride up through Putty with the changing landscape and cooling canopy of trees but the Oxley, that is pretty special!
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  2. Great write-up OldmaidOldmaid. Thanks to all who came -- had a blast & did my bit for population health by eradicating every mosquito I could find. My bike, jacket (and teeth!) were seriously immaculate when I left home. Tell Minister Ley that $1.50 is really a very reasonable investment for such a public service. ;)
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  3. Can't believe that the roads were not busy today - even the pics of estuary looks deserted.

    Thanks to all - good day, good memories.
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  4. Great write up OldmaidOldmaid , love the pics from grey gums. FYI just ordered my pic from KeoghVision :p. Now back to unpacking and cleaning :depressed:
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  5. Saturday was a beautiful day for a ride, especially a last one as a Sydney-sider OldmaidOldmaid. Better to drop Zeddee on the sand than the concrete, eh? I like the idea of those roads...not just for the riding but the stops at Pie in the Sky, Wollombi Pub and Estuary Restaurant.
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  6. I'm at my parents house on the central coast at the moment and might ride back to Sydney via Wollembi, broke, putty and Richmond. If anyone sees a red firestorm going that way give me a nod. Gona go visit the grandpa, have some breaky and get on the way. Might be back in Sydney before dark...
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  7. well done, inc the mug shots.
    is jurdie still selling his jungle juice mouthwash?
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  8. Yep :woot:
  9. holey fk. as a local resident some decades ago now (Laguna local larrikin) we were taking bets on this acid wash. i.e. litigation
    Stafford Ray: Dr Jurds Jungle Juice.
    reminds one of the local brews in europe, blutwurz, hexenzauber, chartreuse & benedictine monks.
    sounds like your givin' gridlock city a miss?
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  10. Indeed
    Looking to move permanently to Port Macca next mon or tuesday.....yay!
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  11. How much weight did the proximity of the Oxley have in this decision OldmaidOldmaid? :p
  12. Ummmmmm not sure. But having another couple of weeks off tastes mighty fine to me ;)

    How's your day off going???
  13. Fantastic, took the 675R in to the Triumph dealer to run the diagnostic tool over it in case there were any stored fault codes. Turns out it didn't have the Arrow map that you're meant to get with the pipe. I did suspect this could be the case on the weekend -- the throttle response didn't seem quite like I remember when I was engaging in some insect control on the way down. ;)
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  14. Mmmmmmm mouthwash
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  15. #15 Ozbiker1, Feb 16, 2016
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    Good move (y)
    Oxley OK but Comboyne Rd a classic must do. Better when it was all dirt :smug:, I think they've sealed most of it all now the buggas.
    Gotta watch out for echidnas, expensive road kill if you manage to flatten one.

    You have been warned :whistle:
  16. no warning needed, note the size of the bottle (I had already heard tales of madness after consuming the brew lol) :blackeye:
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  17. Off topic:
    Does anyone know if Wollombi Road down thru to St Albans is sealed yet ? Comes out at Bucketty or if you head right out of Wisemans (Ferry Rd) through Spencer ends at Lower/ Mangrove Mountain. I've been out here in the boonies too long - 8 years & counting. Given I'm down that way once a month, a re-run through some fav low roads / goat tracks is in order.
  18. So I regularly need to refill the firestorm after 140kms - economy particularly suffers during my spirited 7km each way commute and the odd beach mission after work a few times a week, but about 220kms is the best I've ever had. Today I stopped at the grey gum with 221kms on the clock, one bar of fuel left that I am surprised hadn't started flashing yet, and a shade over 30kms to the next service station.

    I pulled in to colo heights servo on 252.3kms, sweating, and topped up with sweet relief. I hadn't ridden putty road before so wasn't exactly putting the spurs in, but I think I'd have had a long push in the hot today if I was riding any more aggressively. Good to know that I can get from kariong shell to colo heights Caltex on one tank though! Needless to say I probably won't be trying that again...

    Also, putty road! What a thing! I also really enjoyed the ride from peats ridge to broke, there was a couple of absolutely stunning rolling hills with long sweeping bends that just made me smile so big. What a great way to spend a day off...

    I was on my own so didn't faff about taking photos or stopping and chatting, just nose to the grindstone shaving kms off the distance between me and my home whilst taking in as much of the scenery as I could. I parked und the netrider flag at the grey gum and was the only bike in the car park. Never seen a more sad state of affairs - the sun was high, a light breeze was blowing, so weak that it took me a few moments to find the netrider flag in between the many hanging limp at the top of their poles, and I didn't see a single mr plod in the 300 odd kms I smashed out. If there's been a more perfect day for a ride in the last month I'd love to hear about it...

    Oh, and I visited my old pop on the central coast before I left this morning and he was stoked to see me. Eighty something years old now, and he still throws a smile on every time when I rock up uninvited.

    I'm knackered... Going to get some take out and have an early night I reckon. Rejoining the rat race tomorrow, and looking up the roster for my next day off. Might give the putty loop a try the other way round, Windsor to peats ridge via broke then old pac back to Sydney, which seems a similar route to the title of this thread I'm busy hijacking.....

    I'll try and take some photos next time. Great write up, OldmaidOldmaid thanks for sharing.
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  19. This isnt super resent, from St Albans Pub to Wollemi through The Common is dirt,lots of water there recently, road closed from the flood and king tide,open now but maybe rough. The north side of the river from that pub to the ferry at Wisemans is dirt, horrible dusty corrugated crap. The south side of the river from St Albans pub to the Webbs Creek Ferry is a good fun black top, narrow but a good surface.Its only 100m or so from Webbs Creek ferry to Wisemans Pub.Cross Wisemans Ferry and its all black top to Petes Ridge.Did all that black top last month, haven't been through The Common for a couple of years but this stuff doesn't change quickly around there.
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  20. The Putty is a great thing Steve VtecSteve Vtec! I usually only do the top end -- Newcastle down to Grey Gum and back, because it really is the best bit (not that the bottom is crap though!). Mid-week is definitely the best time I think, there really isn't much in the way of enforcement or caravans around, although still need to be a bit careful of the trucks. You can get 95RON at the Broke servo if you need to top up mid-loop.

    This particular ride was the first time I'd done the full monty: full length of the Putty (twice), Wollombi and a couple of laps of the Old Pac for good measure. Was stuffed when I got home, but amazingly not particularly sore the next day.
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