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Ride report or NR groupies do Somersby 30/12/2015

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Oldmaid, Dec 31, 2015.


  1. This was our little loop. I do enjoy this ride.
    The sun rose at 05:50 am and a beautiful sunny day was on the cards.
    So wakey wakey hand off snakey time for all netriders. Time to go get in the saddle.
    The temperature was also perfect with a mild 23C.
    A very light NE wind made for a pleasant ride keeping humidity in check.

    Most of us found our journey to the meet point relatively stress free and we applaud those who travelled from the Shire, the Gong and Newie :applause:
    I found the M2 was a little festy with white knuckled, prado-driving caravan towing Canberrians, but good old Penno Hills Road was typical run through to Thornleigh then it was really good. Yippee yahoo.

    So up to Berowra to the meet point. When I pulled up there was bastianbastian and Sage91Sage91 sending up smoke signals to guide us there. The wonderful GeorgeOGeorgeO was at the air pump soothing a frisky emvee in readiness for a crowd.
    I thought okay still early, hopefully a few more folk'll turn up.
    Then a gentle hum of bikes indicated more attendees but they sailed by. I felt the tinge of bile at the back of my throat. But lo, suddenly there was a steady stream of bikes and I ran around trying to put NR names and street names together. So we had about 12 or 13 at this stage and I thought okay this is looking like a goer. yay.
    Then hornethornet turned up which was a lovely surprise...our meetings are a bit like's the Queen's message seems to only happen around Christmas time but with cake (no Uncle GregUncle Greg )
    At around 0930 I was demented trying to put names to faces and heaven help anyone who wanted to put air in their tyres coz we had netraided the Berowra 7/11!
    So being the sensible, well-balanced, rational person that I am so well known for (cough), I deferred to experience and medication, and the lovely Senator17Senator17 very kindly agreed to herd, whoops, lead us all, GeorgeOGeorgeO generously went TEC with BanzaiEliseBanzaiElise and hornethornet playing middlemen.
    The group was a delightful mix of old and young, experienced and new to riding but we were all pretty excited to get rolling.
    The highlight was seeing DrSleepyDrSleepy pull into get his $2.13 worth of fuel...I was not alone in being so pleased to see his lanky frame getting off his bike. Wooohoooo. A great day indeed. i just had to go give him a big hug- i was so happy to see him.

    So we had our briefing and decided to take a really, really long ride down to the PITS. We eased out onto the Old Pac and peeled off left down the Old road towards our destiny. I was towards the back and I was so, I don't know, I think proud and excited to watch everyone in front of me riding and to look in my mirrors and see the few guys behind me. I wish I could have filmed it and I kept thinking of that scene in Stone...I mentioned that movie and realised I really am a relic from the past lol!

    We pulled into PITS like 99% ers not 1% ers and everyone was in awe as we all struggled to park our bikes- ha, na we did really well. We then sat down had a good chinwag, caffeine, some of Senator17's lovely walnut log and some of my shitty dry old christmas cake, oh and a wee or three. We were all a bit excited you know.
    It was good to have only gone a few kms in retrospect. Gave everyone a feel for group riding, we were a BIG group so good to get used to that as well, and to get those excited nerves out of the way.
    I found it hilarious to see some lycra warriors lined up sizing up our bikes and even approaching them. My only wish was that they didn't join us on the ride down the hill.
    CrazyCamCrazyCam wazsn't there to share his birthday and to have a photo with the hearse for midgets! What a missed opportunity...

    So off we went down those lovely curves towards Somersby. I was again impressed by the collegiate nature of our ride and given the sheer numbers, we didn't have any helmets at twenty paces kinda moments. good boys and girls. I have to say that the standard of riding was pretty impressive given the spread of experience.
    So we found the tunnel and more than a few of us were like, well shit who'd a thunk it was that close and we've missed the bloody thing all this time.
    But we really pissed off a special group moment happening in the tunnel when we grandly rocked up which resulted in the equivalent of a stupid dog racing up and down the fence when you walk by when one of the pissed off group, hopped on a mate's bike and proceeded to push therev-limiter in front of us and down the road sans helmet...dickwad...i think we were supposed to swoon with admiration but na...was working it for me...not.
    Anyway we got a bit leery of trying to get all our bikes in the tunnel at one time, espesh given the fact that the tunnel is actually signposted no standing in the tunnel and given double demerits plus also having been given the stink-eye from some NPWS dudes earlier, only we decided to go for a groupie shot. The fully nude one is for sale. Unfortunately we had lost a couple of riders by this stage...they had to leave us at PITS.
    IMG_1286.JPG IMG_1855.JPG
    So after this, a few more folk had to leave us, we decided to head down to Wiseman's...was too nice a day not to. So bugger it off we all went again.
    We went past a rather bemused looking HWP on the way down, who I noticed hopped on the blower as soon as the main group went by doing the speed limit...ha! NOONE GOT PINGED IN THE GROUP RID yay team loving ya work!

    We stopped at Spencer for a nice cool drink and a bit more chat.It was quite warm and DrSleepy very sensibly bought some sunscreen. A dog with taste admired Zeddee's front rim as well. Note to self I will bring some sunscreen for the next group ride.
    IMG_1858.JPG IMG_1865.JPG

    We then travelled down to await the Wiseman's Ferry, was pretty warm in the sun so like an old labrador, we sought shade. It really was a great sight to see us all lined up on the punt going across.
    IMG_1883.JPG IMG_1891.JPG
    The bulk of our group then scattered to the four points of the compass but drsleepy, george0, senator17 and myself had a few cold ones at the pub (non-alcoholic) and a debrief. It was a great day, DrSleepyDrSleepy had a hoot back in group mode and we met some lovely folk.
    We then headed up the hill back to reality but took a nice detour down to PittTown for three of us with Dr Sleepy heading back to Newie (as he has posted we know he isn't caught in an endless loop on Galston).

    Thanks everyone for a really superb day. The saying it is only what you make of it was true, we all had a great day and great fun!
    Here's to more rides togther in 2016 darlinks.
    Thank you all for making the end of my year such a doozie. Fan-friggin-tastic.
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  2. #2 DrSleepy, Dec 31, 2015
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2015
    Thanks OldmaidOldmaid, for organising a great ride, not much more that can be said to be honest. Although I could think of things worse than being stuck in an endless loop on Galston -- like being stuck behind a Hyundai on Galston. Although that's obviously better than being stuck INTO a Hyundai (+/- on Galston), seeing as I've experienced them from both ends. ;)
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  3. Great RR! Thanks for having Sibi and myself along, especially as at the time I was a ring-in ;)
  4. HA! Last years news OldmaidOldmaid! ;)
    Great write up. Not being familiar with the roads, roughly how many kays does the blue line represent?
  5. Good write up Miss Jane, it was a terrific day. In retrospect, given the large number of participants, we may have been able to avoid the 'compression effect' once we got to the Old Road by breaking up into two groups, as was said at the start, but that's not a criticism, just a suggestion for next time..
  6. Its about 185 km PetesulPetesul, give or take a few. Not a bad effort.
  7. What a terrific ride report OldmaidOldmaid! Thanks very much for posting it and allowing everyone to share a little of such a thoroughly enjoyable and positive day out. One thing I would like to know: what will happen to me if I visit Berowra 7-Eleven by motorcycle now that its been Nertraided?
  8. Nothing XJ6NXJ6N, I told them we were all 1%-ers. ;)
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  9. Comfortable length for new riders, given stops and varying distances from the start and finish.
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  10. Looks a great time was had by all....love your work OldmaidOldmaid ...well done....:) :)
  11. She even brought some lake caz64caz64.
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  12. Yes, so not only did we have our cake, we got to eat it too! ;)
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  13. Got to test out my new GoPro as well. Not bad at all. Happy with the position and view.

    have quite a bit of footage of following DrSleepyDrSleepy and OldmaidOldmaid .
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  14. That could technically be stalking GeorgeOGeorgeO.
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  15. Oh dear, the whole of NR is going to know I can't corner... Nothing morbidly offensive on there was there GeorgeOGeorgeO? :p
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  16. Na would depend what position we were riding in...if I was behind, my fat old arse would have blocked you out :)
    How big should I make the cheque figure GeorgeOGeorgeO ???:facepalm:

    I suppose this ride is now soooo last year as well...
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  17. For your entertainment (I make no bones about the quality of the video or content) I have made a short 4.5 minute video of the ride. It's only brief and doesn't really show much of the ride (otherwise the video would be over 3 hours long! *grin*), so enjoy :D

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  18. lol classic well done (y)
  19. I accept PayPal or any credit card payments......
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