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Ride report: Centrefolds

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. As requested by Flipper :grin:

    So Chengaleng and I took our free passes (thanks Deb! Tough luck Dave!) and headed down to the Centrefold lounge for a look-see. I've only been to a nudie bar a couple times before, never sober. She'd been more than I had, as it turned out. :shock:

    I was pretty amazed to find that there were heaps of non-stripper girls in there. It sort of felt like a family bistro for a while until one of the girls greasing the poles on stage finally chucked off her bikini top.

    We sort of sat around fidgeting watching five or six of them do their thing. It was pretty uneventful, they all had pretty good chassis and were well sprung, but lacked the grin factor really.

    One fella was clearly overwhelmed, the blonde on stage reacted happily to the tenner he stuffed in her undies by sticking her boobs in his face, and he promptly fell straight off his chair onto the floor to the uproarious laughter of his mates. He tried to look suave as he got back up (she wasn't finished) but he must have felt like a duffer snuffling in her cleavage after that. Or perhaps it was a good place to hide in shame, ostrich-style.

    A tall brunette with a puffy, stretchy looking face asked if we wanted a lap dance, which sounded interesting until she said it'd be a hundred bucks. Sorry lady, a hunjy would cover at least... three rounds of drinks at the bar... Sheesh.

    We planned to hang around long enough to see the feature act, Kobe, a Penthouse pet o' the month, but she sort of came out signing a few things and looked way too eighties and neither of us could really imagine her being all that much more interesting to watch wriggling and crawling around on stage than the rest of the bored-looking sheilas up there.

    One of them did have a nice trick of sliding down the pole from roof-height while dangling upside down, that was nice, but all in all I felt like I was trespassing in somebody else's night out and Cheng was bored as batshit so we called it a night.

    I dunno, maybe I don't get the nudie bar thing. Why not just go around the corner to the brothel? For the price of 2 ten minute lap dances you can get a root... Result!

    Still, it was an educational sort of experience and I could see a number of youngsters there learning some very valuable and presumably quite new lessons in anatomy. What worried me were the 40+ business suit crowd. Go home and shag yer missus fellas!

    Over and out
  2. :LOL: love the review Loz... when's the next :wink:

    Seems like you've got a way with words there Loz. I'm sure if your only response is 'yes, it's quite nice' you can't go too far wrong.

    :LOL: :LOL: :grin: :wink: :LOL:
  4. Aren't Aido and Wah from Blokesworld applying to have this as an Olympic competition?
  5. Ah, the curse of promise unfulfilled.........
  6. great review and i cant wait to see your next one
    hint hint :wink: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. At those rates you could do a ride day and come back totally 'ted. :LOL:
  8. wow that sounds so exciting... wish id been there :LOL:
  9. Go drunk or don't go at all :LOL:
  10. As an addendum to the ride report I should add that it appears some of the titillation did soak in. After completing the ride report we hit the sack and started bangin' like a dunny door in the wind. Me arse was going like a fiddler's elbow. A very jolly roger indeed.

    So maybe there IS something to it... Who knows...
  11. :rofl: Thanx for the report Loz, glad to hear the tix came in handy, well at least later in the night :p
  12. And yeah, Dave got his 5er last night :LOL: