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Ride Organisors - please help with info.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. I'm organising a small ride this weekend into the Dandy's. The team is going to be a mixture of all riding abilities, plus different levels of experience in riding in packs. This will be the first time we've all ridden together. The most experienced at all of the above who knows his way around the roads a bit will be the Ride Leader. I've got the slowest bike but can go a bit when I need to, so I'll be the tail. If you can offer any wisdom about these events or point me to previous threads that can help with planning and execution, I'd be pleased to hear it. This may also be an opportunity to discuss etiquette and expectations amongst the participants. If anybody has been on a ride and would like to offer their advise or opinions please feel free. Thanks in advance, Scheff.

  2. Someone, with knowledge as opposed to an opinion, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't organising an event, such as a ride, make you legally liable.

    A lawyer friend explained this to me, that should it go pear shaped.... :cry:

  3. Hi Rev,

    No disrespect to you, but your friend is a twat.

    In the human gene pool, there are humans that have an extra receptive
    anal retentive cell. These people ____ it for everybody else by putting
    stupid ideas into greedy peoples heads.
  4. If you're gonna charge a fee to come along, maybe, but otherwise, you're just a bunch of mates heading out for a ride together.
  5. Get peoples mobile numbers so if you get lost ,you can ring and get directions ,or leave a message your ok ,but lost .
    You don't want 20 people looking for someone ,thinking there in a ditch ,but you went home.

    REV.... i get what you saying ,I would ask you to the pub for a beer to talk about the laws ,but if you tripped over and hurt your self on the way there ,you might sue me ,because i ask you to leave the house. :wink:

  6. Hmm...sounds like some people aren't quite believing what rev is saying...interesting...

    You might want to rethink that. Some people are twats and if they think they can get away with suing you because you didn't tell them that they shouldn't go over the speed limit and hurt themselves and that because you organised the ride but didn't take responsibility....well I think you might be in for a nasty surprise....
  7. The group rides articles previously linked is essential reading.
    After reading that, do you have any more specific questions?
  8. Rev and firefling, you're both quite right. There is always a possibility.
  9. Exactly!

    The example explained to me was a social picnic, something happened, then all of the sudden it has to be someones fault.....

    a lot of this is brought on by 'no win no fee' solicitors

  10. Just as an example of how stupidy litigious society has become.........

  11. This isn't america .. you can't just sue anyone for glancing at you the wrong way. This would involve common law negligence, and you can only claim compensation where it is proved that another person was legally at fault for the accident. Proving that someone was legally at fault for an accident, because they didn't tell you not to speed on the roads or act like twat, would be impossible (under "voluntary assumption of risk") and never even make it to a court.
  12. All USA, with little relevance here. Our civil law system, particularly when it comes to negligence, is quite different.
  13. Tell that to the Sydney council who were sued after that guy broke his neck diving into the water at the beach. He was awarded millions $$$$$$$$$$. He was just a knob for diving in shallow water. I also have a mate who sued a building design engineer after he fell over the balustrade and broke his neck (while drunk) because the balustrade was 10cm under regulation height, again, he's now a millionaire!
  14. Thanks so far to everybody who has responded. The link was brilliant and confirmed some of the things I've been thinking about. The request for opinions and advise was really to get ideas or criticisms that could make the ride more enjoyable. Litigation wasn't something that entered my mind (that would take the fun out of it) I'll give that it's due consideration not sure who I get to sue If I stack though 8-[ Making sure all mobile numbers are exchanged is gold! cheers. Please keep posting if you think of anything else, as will I. Scheff.
  15. Apples vs Oranges. Negligence factor is completely different.

    So far a completely different set of situation that it's not even worth responding to.
  16. One thing that article doesn't give enough weight to is the importance of the pre-ride discussion. It gives the ride leader/organiser important time to inform everyone of the riding style expected, expectations of when and frequency of fuel/rest stops, how the rides structure will be (leader, corner marker, etc.), ride completion, and generally ensuring that everyone has a common understanding and is on the same page.
  17. http://www.snopes.com/legal/lawsuits.asp

    Pays to research the truth, instead of blindly accepting bogus stories.
  18. The courts are generally reluctant award damages to something that could potentially open the "floodgates". An example of this is if someone was injured while riding there bicycle on a public road and hitting a pothole, falling over and breaking there neck. If the council was not aware of the pothole, they court will not look into the matter any further.
  19. That case where the guy broke his neck after jumping into shallow water, I'm pretty sure it got overturned on appeal. There is another case similar (the name I can't remember at the moment) where the plaintiff did win damages, but the reasoning the court decided upon is quite complicated. Basically this is a novel category of tort.