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Ride option for my favourite twisties Sunday 13th Melbourne

Discussion in 'VIC' started by nalasrob, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. Well, with all the crap on the roads, thought I'd defer my ride a week and go for the 13th.
    Offerring to organise a ride in some of the best twisties on the SE side of Melbourne IMHO.

    Suggesting a route something like Rowville, Lillydale, Yarraglen and up the Melba highway to the top of Kinglake, right down Myer-Chum creek road, Heallsville, Black Spur, Coffee at Marysville then Reefton(option for Lake Mountain loop), Warburton (maybe a quick blat up Donna Buang lookout if time is good then cruise back into Melbourne. Not sure but suspect this would be 230-250km from start point. This adds up to 191km round trip from Lillydale by Melways numbers. Additional stops planned as requested. [I'll make a call based on skill level of likely participants later]

    Designated fuel point would be Warburton ( full tanks should give everyone enough). Emergency fuel at Healsville for the forgetful!

    I'd like a 9am start latest with anticipated return early afternoon ( 2'ish?).

    Happy to open to all levels ( I class myself intermediate) and will accomodate learners and beginners as long as they are confident at highway speeds and through the twisties.

    Would like to get a feel for attendance and then will formalise the event early next week (when the weather forecast is a bit closer to reality). Please post interest on this thread with your skill level (learner, beginner, interm, advanced) and any amendments to the route you'd like to see!
    P.S. I don't do rain or anything resembling moisture on the roads.

  2. Sounds like a goer. Count me in as a nearly definate. I'm still on my L's but am happy to ride as fast as my little 250 cruiser will take me (which is not very fast :) )
  3. Count me as interested...
    Pending weather (& a potential prior family do).

    I'd go the beginner-intermediate level (depends on if i'm target fixing on that day or not :( The more rides i do, the quicker ill get over it).
  4. I’m interested. :D
    Haven’t been on a netrider ride before (1st time always the best they say).

    I ride a Ducati so my ability level would be pretty shyithouse, with only short blats broken up with heaps of stops, posing about & talking mindless drivel.

    I don’t do rain either, but I’ve seen the motorcycle cartage service that’s advertized on the Warburton Hway so I’ll make sure I contact them if the weather turns.
  5. I could be up for this one if Mr Black isn't sure about the alternative ride we've been talking about to the SW on the 13th.

    Experience - Used to knock about with some fast guys on a Gixxer 750, but going a little slower just at the moment while I get used to the new bike. L's up to intermediate will suit me just dandy.
  6. Wasn't Mindless Drivel some sort of Goth Rock band in the 80's?
  7. WATCH IT, BUSTER!!!! You're giving me another thing to have to fight hard on!

    :D :D :D
  8. nah this sounds good to me - I am not wedded to the other route and this sounds like a great day (weather permitting!!!)

    put me in as a strong chance at intermediate (like the twisties a lot but not a full on charger)

  9. I know you're in Lysterfield, and I can't make the ride, but I thought I'd suggest you head over towards Warrandyte and head into Yarra Glen through Kangaroo Ground and Christmass Hills.....much more fun than the Highway but not too twisty either for any newbies.

    Just my 2cents which probably aren't really wanted anyway.....Oh well. Back to dreaming of weekend riding......

    :D :D :D
  10. Sounds like a good little ride, I'm interested.

    As to my skill level, I'd say fair to middling (itermed).
  11. Thanks for the suggestion Lil. Will look into it.
    Potential 6 so far. I'm categorising this beginner Intermediate for other interested parties. Will formalise the route in the calendar Monday.

    Lead, trail and corner markers will be applied as per group ride etiquette. Please familiarise yourselves at https://netrider.net.au/articles/?page=group_rides.
  12. yep defiantely looks like an option
  13. Bring it on!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: ..l mean yes please add me to the list also :LOL:

    I just got my P's..so ld class myself as beginners.

    Julz :D
  14. Will be back from my holiday on the 9th of feb.. miss my ride like crazy.. count me in!!! Will take it easy though because i havernt ridden a motorbike for 2months.. had my licence suspended for a month (thus leaving the country for a country with countless bikes). Been riding the scooters over here but its just not the same!!!!
  15. I'd love to come and meet some new bikie friends :D

    beginner! need someone to show me the ropes!
  16. Sorry guys cant make it, the bike isnt looking to good after my off yesterday. If l can get a new mirror and indicator for the poor CBR before then l will let you know. But for now lm out of this one

  17. Sorry to hear about it mate, I take it that you are ok.

    The roads were a little scary in places, that's for sure.
  18. nalasrob just to let you know the bridge on Old Chum Creek Rd has been washed out so you'll need to plan to go down Myers Creek Road. Probably still going to be a lot of debris on the road next weekend as well so anyone on the ride should take it easy.
  19. You can count me in for this one.

    I would class myself of beginner.