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Ride on Wed, open to any as long as you can ride

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Pending weather forecast.

    Not really sure where to yet, but I have a few ideas. It will be in the 3-400 km range, so make sure you will be able to make it. Will be starting early.

    PM for more details.
  2. If it was Thursday, I'd be up for sure.
    Unfortunately rostered on for Wednesday.
    Have fun. Hope you get weather like we did today.
  3. if the weather is anything like this weekend, im in.
  4. I'm keen, pending approval of an RDO...
    Also don't mind falling out if I'm the only 250 - I'll just go spend the morning in the Nasho instead.
  5. hey guys, I've been having a bit of an electrical glitch that has been causing problems. At the moment I believe it to be a screwy kill switch. Previously it has been fairly fine and only raise its head very occasionally, but this arvo it stopped me 6 or 7 times over about 20 minutes.

    I think my best option is to try and play around with it on wed, and maybe up for a bit of a short run thurs.

    The point is it will probably be best for me to pull out. You guys still go ahead.
  6. I'm off Thursday so I'm keen for a run.
  7. OK so it's just me and Dan tomorrow.
    I'll do the right thing and bow out, but I'll be playing in the park tomorrow morning regardless - can anyone advise on mid-week traffic and pig-presence?
  8. mid week traffic, virtually nill. Pretty much school hols though, so may be some. Will the bacon be cooking? who can tell...