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"Ride On" DVD

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mouth, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. The ATSB (Australian Transport Safety Bureau) has recently made a new DVD version of the "Ride On" motorcycle safety video.

    The "Ride On" DVD, like the video, highlights safe motorcycling techniques as well as the need to develop mental alertness and self control. Through practice, these key points can become life saving habits, enabling you to avoid harm and enjoy riding for many years to come. They are not substitutes for personal training by qualified instructors.

    Ride On has been in strong demand from motorcycle training groups and motorcyclists for over five years for its practical instructions and easy to follow advice. The DVD provides sharper (720*576 pixel) resolution picture quality and enables viewers to access its five chapters separately or continuously: The chapters are:

    1. Introduction with Wayne Gardner
    2. Bike Control Skills
    3. Mental Skills to Recognise Potential Harm
    4. Self Control Skills
    5. Play All

    The ATSB "Ride On" DVD is now available for purchase for $20 by credit card through the ATSB website or by phone: 1800 621 372 (credit card payments only).

    This is almost a must have in any motorcyclists DVD collection and well worth the $20 ... especially if your just {re}starting-out in motorcycling.
  2. Or...

    I've got a spare videocassette copy of Ride On. If you're interested, send me a PM and you can have it for nix.

    Well worth a look, either way.
  3. I've gotta say its a great DVD for the price. Must have for learners.

    Saw the add in Oz RoadRider and thought "why not"

  4. Ride On DVD

    This was handed out free by the government sponsored training organisation after getting our L's in SA. I think it is an outstanding training aid. Especially the extended "talk through" of recognising hazards when driving through city streets. It really helps to visualise the type of thought patterns you need to develop that sixth sense.
  5. hi, i know that this thread is very old but somebody still has the ride on dvd?thanks.
  6. Do I play the game? Or?

  7. Do you know what a TORRENTis?
  8. just get twist of the wrist II and be content.
  9. Hi biker, where are you? I think Hawklord may have a copy. he hands something out at Sat morning practice.
  10. hi,
    @morbosity the link is dead...

    @87crisis's thx already got it;) but the ride on dvd is a safety one ;)

    @GreyBM's i'm from far away, from romania ;) so only way to get oen dvd, if somebody put an image burn from the dvd, and send me a download link in Pm:) thanks and dry roads with rubber trees;)
  11. Ive got the dvd with the yellow bike on the cover, is this the one your on about ? I got mine a couple years ago

    I also had an 80's vhs of this with some newby in melbourne racing a z900 on his learner 250 in the sand and dirt, the guy on the bigger bike ends up in a hole and the 250 finishes the race and blows his horn beep beep
  12. I suspect your computer skills are lacking , link is fine / torrent alive.
  13. this just redirects to some fake virus scanner that only an idiot would click ok
  14. Do you really think id link a virus here?

    well thanks O.P i got my copy sitting in my torrent client ready to download
  15. @morbosity thx, for the link;) do you have the ride smart pc cdrom stuff too?:) thx and have a nice weekend.