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Ride Monday 12/6

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser1, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. This just cropped up...sorry for the late notice.
    More good weather tomorrow.

    Meet 9.45 McDonalds Lilydale (Maroondah Hwy, city bound-side)
    Leave there 10.00am sharp.
    Yarra Valley backblocks/Noojee/Mt. BawBaw (count on some gravel here), back to Noojee for a late-ish lunch, across to Healesville (3km dirt), then Myers Creek Rd. to Toolangi-Chum Creek Rd./ Old Healesville Rd to Yarra Glen, direction home via the Christmas Hills/ Sugarloaf Reservoir, split after for return either into north or east of the city.
    Back by about mid to late-afternoon.
    Around 250-300km.
    FULL tanks please.

    Not really an L ride, P's fine.

    PS better bring wets, just in case, also....could get nippy at Mt. BawBaw.
  2. Sorry, sounds like you need a Trail bike for this ride....

  3. na the gravel/dirt sections are a piece of p15s
    on a road bike (gsxr1100). mate who was with me was on a
    vtr firestorm and he had no problems either.

    sorry i can't make it tomorrow but i was out all day
    today and will have my kids tomorrow.
  4. I am sure it would be OK, just didn't read well, l have gone a back way healsville to Gembrook and it was 5-8 k's of gravel hell.
  5. Hey!!! 12/6 Monday???

    If Monday it's 13/6.
  6. 'course, you're right.
    When originally posted, I checked the clock-time/date and put that into the post.
    Oops, sorry to everyone.
    Good ride though :D :D
  7. So how cold did it get? REAL COLD. But a great ride. The road into Mt BawBaw was spectacular and the only time we were slowed down was by a flock of woodducks near...ummm, help out here Pete coz I have no idea where we were. Where ever it was, blowing away a Daytona on your 500 single is a heap of fun!

    The SR got around the course without needing any repairs (which always makes me suspicious) and, despite some of the roads being wet and a fair bit of leaf litter and bark on the road, the ride went without a mis-hap.

    Thanks for a planning a terrific ride, Pete - I'll be back for more. And to everyone who came along, thank you for the great company. I hope your ears heal soon.
  8. Mt. BawBaw road is completely sealed into the resort. The gravel referred to is loose stuff on top of the bitumen. There always used to be plenty for the last 10km into Tanjil Bren, then more for the next 10km towards BawBaw. It was pretty clean today.
    Great views from up there, perfect weather.
    The cloud-show in the skies on the way back ws a real spectacle.
    Never got around to the 3km of dirt (Old Don Road up to the saddle), ran outta time.
    A bunch of CBR6 and 10s had the fright of their life when Chairman went past in the twisties between Noojee and Powelltown...on the SR500 !!
    :p :p :p
    A 500 single that takes the bark off the trees ... that exhaust is LOUD !!
    And great fun watching him ride that thing...ahem...bike :wink:

    Thanks to Loz, Mark, Gunther and Goodie for coming along.
    Cya next time :D :D
  9. Another fcuking glorious day filled with brilliant riding, breathtaking scenery, and top shelf company. Thanks Pete, Goodie (spelling?) Gunther and Chairman for putting a big grin on my face.


    - Discovering the oggy knobs on the hornbag make handy highway pegs

    - Blasting past an extremely sluggish pack of expensively leathered pirate bike riders (ceee beee arr noine hundred arrr arrrrr ARRRRR) on a couple of v-stroms, a pegaso, the hornbag and chairman's ancient yamaha single. The looks on their faces :)

    - Pete's straight-faced negotiating techniques

    - Gunther paying a little too much attention to the lycra shorts of a maniac that was pedalling his pushy up to the baw baw summit. Ten points to that bloke, he passed us once at the rest stop ot the bottom of the hill, and then again near the top while Pete fought a different kind of uphill battle trying to work his charms on the gate girl at Baw Baw.

    - Playing our cards just right to avoid getting ticketed by a sneaky cop up close to the sugarloaf reservoir. Thought he could pull a crafty u-turn and sneak up behind us but we stayed well under the limit, Chairman Mark dropped a gear to stop his ludicrously loud bike backfiring, and Goodie propped in behind him to conceal the lack of left-hand indicator.

    Pure gold!
    Thanks guys