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ride/meet suggestion

Discussion in 'NSW' started by deemo, May 18, 2012.


good idea

Poll closed May 25, 2012.
  1. Yes pls

    5 vote(s)
  2. Naah

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  1. What do people think of this idea.

    Short rides on short notice for coffee/doughnut. ?

    What i do twice or more times a week sat night is a must to shake off after a full on working week, just ride off with no perticular dirrection (one can be set if other folks are coming along) and usualy end up goin to Bondi, The Rocks, or krispy kreme doughnuts place in Liverpool and so on, you got what I mean.

    Would other folk be interested if i (and others I hope) post quick invite saying something along

    " i will be at Brighton la Sands shell station at 8pm for 8.20 take off to Bondi for a coffee then maybe a ride through the City and back whenever thats all done, if your interested meet us anywhere you wish along the way"

    this would be a way of getting a buddy to ride along anytime you feel like.

    what you think?? anyone else doing similar rides.
  2. awesome. i would ride a helluva lot more if i knew my way around sydney. my sense of direction is so bollocks that i never chance a spontaneous blast.
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  3. Just post a ride in the right state section mate.
    Wait 15 mins then off you go.
    Doesn't need a poll, spur of the minute thing ya see?
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  4. i drive round allot for work; but im a bit unco riding with a group being on my Ls im worried ill be holding people back, im strict with road rules and dont filter through on the lights and thing like that;
    got a cold at the moment, watch this space in a few days well hit the streets :)

    Yea poll was there when i posted and flicked it a bit silly i know, i wanted to see if there is interest tho cus like i said just before, im on my Ls and very strict to road rules and might be a bit slow for your average bike rider, didnt want to jump in the deep end before i test the waters sorta thing, hope it makes sense what i just said :)
  5. Not needed.
    Post a ride in the appropriate section and people will come - there used to be a regular coffee night thing hosted by another forum, but there was some (ahem) bad blood between a couple of members and they either stopped running it or posting it here.
    There's also a couple of midweek coffee rides in Melbourne as far as I'm aware, so there's no reason one wouldn't work up here...
    There also seems to be a fair few of us in the Rockdale/Kogarah/Hurstville area...
  6. There is a learner meet I believe still?
    Remember to just ride your own ride when out with others, easier said than done I know but if you ever fell uncomfortable with the pace then back off. If there are corner markers then that's fine, take all the time you need mate.
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